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  July 16th, 2015 | Written by

Shipedge Announces Cloud-Based, Integrated OMS and WMS

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  • Rather than creating an OMS to integrate with a WMS, Shipedge built a WMS inside the OMS.
  • Shipedge's WMS and OMS can share all of their information and functionality.

Software developer Shipedge has announced the launch of a cloud-based integrated order management and warehouse management system.

The Durham, North Carolina-based company describes its product as “the world’s most comprehensive and scalable software platform for fulfillment companies and 3PLs.”

Shipedge was born in 2008 as a fulfillment warehouse network which focused on aggregating e-commerce merchants to leverage economies of scale in warehousing and logistics. The Shipedge solution started as a proprietary order management system (OMS) to run that network. The company sold its fulfillment network to focus on software development in 2014.

Rather than creating an OMS to integrate with a warehouse management system (WMS), Shipedge built a WMS inside the OMS, according to a company statement. Later, the WMS’s features grew, but because it was originally built inside the OMS, it can share all its information and functionality with multiple trading partners.

According to Shipedge, merchants and 3PLs have had to create piecemeal solutions by combining multiple software platforms to run their operations. Switching between different software systems for different tasks has resulted in the loss of accuracy and efficiency. Data had to be transferred among different software platforms and personnel had to learn how to operate each individual system.

Shipedge’s web-based fulfillment solution is capable of automating all merchant channel actions while exchanging order and inventory data with a warehouse, according to the company. The warehouse activities are optimized and integrated with label printers and wireless barcode scanners working on Shipedge’s android app. Shipedge integrates with multiple selling channels, including a point-of-sale system on the OMS side and with all major shipping carriers on the WMS side.

In addition to WMS and OMS capabilities, the Shipedge solution also contains inventory forecasting, Bluetooth barcode scanning, and returns and exchanges features.