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  November 16th, 2016 | Written by

Self-Driving, 3D-Printed Vehicle With Drone Technology

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  • A 3D-printed vehicle with drone-launching technology.
  • Project's aim is to explore options once self-driving vehicles become the norm.
  • Innovative vehicles come to life with unprecedented speed.

Mouser Electronics Inc., a global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, together with Local Motors and celebrity engineer Grant Imahara, are showcasing the final build of a 3D-printed vehicle with drone-launching technology.

The Mouser version of the Local Motors Strati was released in an online video.

The video shows the final vehicle build, complete with drone interoperability. Fly Mode features a drone mounted on the rear of the vehicle that, when launched, gives the driver and passenger an unprecedented birds-eye view of the surroundings. Both can watch the drone’s footage on dashboard-mounted viewing screens, providing a 360-degree perspective of the surroundings. Joining Imahara for the first official test drive is the winner of the Essence of Autonomy design contest, Finn Yonkers, whose design was the inspiration for this unique Empowering Innovation Together project. The project’s overall aim was to explore the options available once self-driving vehicles become the norm.

“I am thrilled to see the Mouser Strati come to life,” said Local Motors Co-founder and CEO John B. Rogers, Jr. “This partnership is an example of the unprecedented speed at which innovative vehicles can come to life through the combined power of cutting-edge suppliers, advanced manufacturing, and co-creation.”

Features of this innovative build combine electronic components from Mouser’s manufacturer partners Maxim and Murata.

“At Mouser, we strive not only to provide engineers with the technology they need to innovate, but also to reach, inspire and engage engineers of all backgrounds,” said Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Mouser Electronics. “We create that environment and push toward that goal with the Empowering Innovation Together program and our new Innovation Lab.”

In addition to Maxim and Murata, Lumileds and Phoenix Contact also made this build possible.

Mouser Electronics, based near Dallas, Texas, is a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., part of Berkshire Hathaway. Grant Imahara has paired engineering expertise with a Hollywood TV and film career with roles on MythBusters and BattleBots. Imahara is the inventor behind many famous robotic characters, including the Star Wars prequel-era R2-D2. Local Motors designs, builds, and sells vehicles, combining co-creation with local micro-manufacturing.