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  August 9th, 2016 | Written by

RTL Delivers Cargo to Gazprom Moscow Refinery

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  • A challenging route for delivery of four oversize shipments to Moscow.
  • Refinery equipment was shipped to Moscow via inland waterways.
  • Gazprom is investing $1.12 billion to modernize Moscow refinery.

Russia based project logistics provider RTL LLC organized the delivery of oversize equipment for the modernization of a Moscow refinery owned by PJSC Gazprom Neft.

To execute this project, the specialists at RTL developed an optimized route to transport four oversize cargoes—which had a combined weight of 785 tons—from Izhorskiye Zavody’s plant in Kolpino, Leningradskaya region to the Moscow refinery.

Initially, the units were transported from Izhorskiye Zavody’s plant by heavy-duty vehicles to a pier built by RTL specialists on the River Neva.

The route was particularly challenging, passing through towns and over two railway crossings. Traversing the railway crossings required disconnecting high-voltage transmission lines and rescheduling trains. Furthermore, RTL was responsible for strengthening the road surface to guarantee the safety of the consignment.

The loading and securing of the cargoes onto a heavy-duty barge took two days to complete from arrival at the pier. The equipment was then shipped to Moscow via Russia’s extensive inland waterway network, routing via the River Neva, the Ladoga Lake, Volga-Baltic canal, White Lake, and the Sheksna River, Rybinsk reservoir, the Volga River and the Moscow canal.

With the project coming close to completion, the final stage will see the four cargoes moved to their final installation site at the Moscow refinery.

In 2011 PJSC Gazprom Neft started a large project to modernize its Moscow refinery, removing outdated production facilities and actively introducing modern industrial complexes. Over the past five years, the impact on the environment of Gazprom’s production has been reduced by 50 percent. Investment in the program has reached $1.12 billion.

Gazprom Neft aims to complete the modernization program in 2020.