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  June 9th, 2024 | Written by

Rhine River Reopens for Cargo Shipping After Flooding

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Cargo shipping on the Rhine River in south Germany resumed on Friday following a closure due to high water levels caused by heavy rainfall, according to navigation authorities. The reopening of the river around Maxau comes after a week of drier weather led to falling water levels, allowing for the resumption of sailings to Switzerland.

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The Rhine had been closed to freight shipping at Maxau over the weekend due to extensive flooding in the region. However, northern sections of the river, including key points such as Duisburg, Cologne, and Düsseldorf, continued to operate normally throughout the week.

High water levels had prevented vessels from navigating under bridges, creating a significant disruption in the region. The high water warning center in Baden-Wuerttemberg has cautioned that water levels at Maxau could rise sharply early next week, potentially leading to new closures.

The Rhine is a critical shipping route for various commodities, including minerals, coal, oil products like heating oil, grains, and animal feed. In recent years, the river has also faced challenges from low water levels due to unusually dry summers.