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  May 28th, 2024 | Written by

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Risk Management with Real-Time Disruption Alerts

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John Galt Solutions, a global leader in automating supply chain planning, has announced a strategic partnership with Resilinc, the premier company in supply chain mapping, disruption sensing, and resiliency analytics. This collaboration promises to provide unmatched visibility and comprehension of supply chain risks by merging Resilinc’s advanced data and monitoring capabilities with John Galt Solutions’ AI-driven supply chain planning technology.

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While supply chain disruptions are unavoidable, businesses that utilize sophisticated supply chain performance tools to detect, plan, and respond swiftly will outperform competitors by maintaining higher service levels and managing costs effectively. The integration of Resilinc’s flagship early-warning system, EventWatchAI, into John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform offers revolutionary visibility with real-time alerts and monitoring for a broad spectrum of disruptive events that can impact supply chain operations, including logistics and financial risks, extreme weather, export restrictions, and sustainability concerns.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Resilinc and offer organizations a more complete end-to-end view of their supply chains to effectively keep risk at bay,” said Alex Pradhan, Global Product Strategy Leader at John Galt Solutions. “Together, we equip Atlas Planning Platform customers with the latest in supply chain planning technology and AI to proactively detect and assess risk, collaborate to mitigate disruption, and gain actionable intelligence to ensure business continuity and success.”

Resilinc’s EventWatchAI platform monitors over 104 million news sources and sites for potential disruptions globally, ensuring real-time awareness of critical events that could impact the supply chain. John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform connects the end-to-end supply chain, empowering companies to make swift and informed decisions.

“The average supply chain experiences 300 disruptions per week. Being alerted in real-time about a labor violation, factory fire, or earthquake in a specific location gives organizations visibility into a potential disruption and time to determine how to mitigate it,” said Resilinc Chief Revenue Officer, Fred Brown.

This partnership enables businesses to unlock critical insights and make informed decisions through advanced supply chain risk management across various scenarios. For instance, companies can assess vulnerabilities by identifying high-risk suppliers, geographies, or transportation lanes that could affect their entire supply plan. They can also swiftly respond to actual disruptions by understanding the event, its impact, and duration, predicting revenue changes, identifying affected parts, and determining suppliers and categories most at risk. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can proactively mitigate disruptions, minimize losses, and ensure business continuity.

“Combining our real-time monitoring capabilities with John Galt Solutions’ leading supply chain planning software, organizations can enhance their resilience, optimize their supply chain operations, and drive greater value across their businesses,” continued Fred Brown.