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  September 3rd, 2017 | Written by

Providing Retailers and Suppliers Data Intelligence to Optimize Fulfillment and Shipping

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  • DSCO partnership with Shippo to benefit thousands of retailers and suppliers.
  • DSCO and Shippo product combination to produce superior fulfillment intelligence.
  • Ecommerce is the fastest growing trillion dollar market in the world.

DSCO, a supply chain intelligence company, has announced a partnership with Shippo, an enterprise shipping software company, through which Shippo’s shipping carrier data will be combined with DSCO’s inventory and order data to provide valuable insights around fulfillment spend efficiencies.

Founded in 2012, DSCO provides retailers and suppliers with a modern platform to exchange critical data about inventory, order lifecycles, and the aggregated intelligence around their partnership.

By combining Shippo’s unified API structure with DSCO’s standardization of key supply chain data, DSCO’s clients will be equipped with the information needed to make better informed decisions about which carrier and service levels they should use to improve shipping efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line performance.

“The retail supply chain needs to get technologically up to date with the rest of the world,” said Jeremy Hanks, founder and CEO of DSCO. “Legacy B2B communication providers using older technologies and business models will be unable to remain viable in this new data-saturated world. That’s why our partnership with Shippo is invaluable. Because we’ve approached data standardization through double translation methods, we’re fully prepared to take advantage of this partnership in a way that none of our competition can.”

“Sellers of all sizes now have access to smart platforms that give them the tools and data to more easily scale, optimize margins, and provide better customer experiences” said Laura Behrens Wu, co-founder and CEO of Shippo. “Ecommerce is the fastest growing trillion dollar market in the world. Dsco and Shippo are building the platforms that let retailers move faster and focus more on commerce, not logistics.”

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, DSCO is a supply chain intelligence company that simplifies and standardizes the way trading partners connect and exchange data related to inventory visibility, purchase orders, invoicing, and shipping. Shippo is the leading API and dashboard for businesses to build scalable and cost effective shipping operations. Shippo provides platforms, marketplaces, warehouses and ecommerce stores with the building blocks they need to ship goods at the lowest cost and fastest delivery time.