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  October 22nd, 2015 | Written by

Port of Hueneme Trade Delegation Explores Business Opportunities in Mexico

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  • Develop a short-sea shipping trade program is focus of cooperation between ports of Hueneme and Ensenada.
  • Mexican ports director: “We are trying to increase employment, educate people, and create a better life.”
  • Opening sea trade between ports of Hueneme and Ensenada will create jobs in manufacturing and perishables.

The port of Hueneme, California and the port of Ensenada, Mexico, have embarked on a commitment to work together and develop a short-sea shipping trade program.

This initiative came as part of a Port of Hueneme trade delegation that visited Mexico last week, to explore business opportunities in Baja California.

The visit opened with a robust discussion at a business round table with representatives from both the United States and Mexico, including government officials, port executives, shippers, carriers, truckers, railroad representatives, permitting agents and regulators, and distributors.

“In Mexico we are trying to move forward to increase employment, to educate the people, to create a better level of life for everyone. I hope this meeting will help create a better place to live in both Ventura County and the municipality of Ensenada,” said Fernando Gamboa Rosas, director general of administration for Mexican Ports.

The two ports also celebrated the ceremonial signing of a sister port agreement at the newly constructed marine park. “Today the Port of Hueneme participated in an extraordinary and important event at the Port of Ensenada, Mexico,” said Jess Herrera president of the Port of Hueneme Board of Harbor Commissioners.

“The sister port relationship established with the Port of Ensenada promises to grow a short sea shipping route between Hueneme and Ensenada. It aligns with the objectives of the Port’s 2020 Strategic Plan as well as with the Port of Ensenada’s mission,” said Kristin Decas, Port of Hueneme CEO. “We look forward to continuing to work with Ensenada to develop an actionable plan to build a sustainable trade corridor.”

Agriculture and manufacturing play key role in the connection between the two ports. With 900 manufacturers in Ventura County, representing 26 percent of the county’s GDP, and 1,200 manufacturers in Baja California, opening up the sea trade gateway between the two ports, according to a statement from the port of Hueneme, will serve as a catalyst for jobs in the automotive, manufacturing, and perishable commodities sectors.