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  June 17th, 2024 | Written by

Port of Hueneme Commits to Zero Emissions by 2030 in Historic Announcement

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The Port of Hueneme, operated by the Oxnard Harbor District, has announced a groundbreaking goal to achieve zero emissions by 2030. This historic declaration was made during the World Oceans Day event on June 11.

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Significant Investment and Progress

Reaching zero emissions will require a substantial investment in electrical charging infrastructure and equipment, estimated to cost tens of millions of dollars. The Port has already invested heavily, with over $100 million in additional investments and grants lined up to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels. This effort builds on years of progress in reducing emissions through the use of low and zero emissions vehicles and equipment, alongside collaborations with partners to adopt cleaner technologies.

Commitment to Sustainability

“The Port of Hueneme’s zero-emission blueprint initiative is a critical step in our commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action,” stated Celina Zacarias, President of the Oxnard Harbor District Board of Harbor Commissioners. She expressed gratitude to the California Energy Commission for its crucial funding and support, which has brought the Port closer to its ambitious 2030 goal. Zacarias highlighted the essential role of community, labor, and business partnerships in Ventura County in achieving this vision.

Strategic Transition

The Port’s blueprint includes having all cranes powered by electricity, vessels achieving zero emissions at berth through shoreside power and emission control systems, and transitioning handling equipment and port vehicles to zero emissions by 2030. Collaboration with the trucking community and ocean carriers will also be essential for transitioning away from fossil fuels, although this will be a separate initiative from the zero-emission blueprint.

“We are excited to work closely with our trades and community to develop zero-emission solutions and aim to be the first zero-emission port in the U.S.,” said Kristin Decas, CEO and Port Director of the Port of Hueneme.

Comprehensive Planning and Support

Port Environmental Manager Giles Pettifor noted that the blueprint has been in development since 2021, supported by a two-year zero emissions energy study funded by the California Energy Commission. The study explored clean fuels such as electrical grid power and hydrogen fuel cells, concluding that electrical grid power is the optimal solution for achieving zero emissions.

Broader Environmental Initiatives

In 2022, the Port secured federal funding to develop a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan under the Port of Hueneme’s Reducing Emissions, Supporting Health (PHRESH) program, reflecting its ongoing commitment to public health and air quality improvement.

 Celebrating World Oceans Day

The zero-emissions announcement was a highlight of the Port’s World Oceans Day celebration, “Catalyze Action for Our Ocean & Climate,” held at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum in Oxnard. The event featured a keynote panel and recognized maritime industry companies and community organizations with awards for their contributions to ocean sustainability.

The Port’s ambitious zero-emission goal depends on substantial external funding and equipment availability, and it will not include ocean-going vessels or drayage trucking.