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  October 25th, 2017 | Written by

One Network Delivers New ONE Chain Solution

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  • New offering allows multi-party blockchain apps.
  • New offering makes blockchain apps available to trading partners.
  • New technology to drive new supply chain business models and processes with blockchain.

One Network Enterprises has announced ONE Chain, a new solution that empowers trading partners to fully harness the power and potential of blockchains. ONE Chain allows organizations to build and deploy sophisticated, highly scalable supply chain and other multi-party blockchain applications on top of the blockchain.

ONE Chain is a new secure, blockchain solution that enables companies to execute sophisticated blockchain-backed processes with their trading partners. The offering brings rich, supply chain orchestration capabilities to the blockchain, which decreases risk, increases efficiency, and greatly simplifies how partners conduct business transactions.

The solutions also overcomes key blockchain compromises around confidentiality and performance and brings the advantages of blockchain technology such as non-repudiability, trust and immutability. It reduces reliance on intermediaries, and provides support for both orchestrated and direct blockchain-backed processes.

ONE’s software development kit can be used by developers to build ONE Chain Apps. It is agnostic to underlying blockchain technology and allows for flexibility in this rapidly evolving space.

“With the ONE Chain solution, we are providing our customers the ability to transact with over 60,000 trading partners over the blockchain,” said Greg Brady, CEO and Founder of One Network. “They will be able to transact directly or in an orchestrated manner, which will enable new and exciting supply chain business models and processes to emerge. The first of these will make sophisticated chain-of-custody possible.”

“Traditional blockchain approaches make many compromises around confidentiality, performance and onboarding,” said Ranjit Notani, CTO and Co-Founder of One Network. “Our new ONE Chain solution overcomes these compromises, and allows game-changing multi-party blockchain apps to be built while making them available to existing trading partners on the RTVN network.”