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  September 2nd, 2015 | Written by

North Florida Logistics Freight Logistics Zone in the Works

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  • No actual funding for freight logistics zones has emerged from the Florida legislature to date.
  • A freight logistics zone centered in Jacksonville will extend south to St. Augustine and north to Fernandina.
  • Plan is for freight logistics zone in northeast Florida to be finalized quickly and be first for future funding.

Northeast Florida is planning to be the first in the state to have a freight logistics zone identified and ready for operations.

Florida legislation passed in June prioritizes funding for those designated zones, although no actual funding for freight logistics zones has emerged from the legislature just yet.

Transportation advocates in northeast Florida hope their region will be the first to in the state to have its zone identified, thereby being first in line for any funding which might be allocated in the future.

Members of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization have begun outlining the borders of the zone. According to published reports, it is envisioned to be centered in Jacksonville, extending east to the intersection of I-75 and I-10, south to St. Augustine, and north to Fernandina.

Including land next to the port of Fernandina was suggested by an advisory group. The thought was that could be used as a transfer facility for truck drivers.

Once funding is identified, the plan is to have it provide support for dredging, rail improvements, road improvements and airports.

The plan is for the zone to be finalized quickly and that it include all areas that could provide potential for logistics.