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  November 3rd, 2017 | Written by

New Supply Chain Technology

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  • Technology has had a monumental impact on the way products reach their destination.
  • People are still at the heart of the supply chain.
  • New systems require the workforce to be on board.

The business landscape is changing rapidly and new technologies are disrupting a host of industries. From manufacturing to the supply chain, digital systems are revolutionizing how age-old processes are executed. When looking at the supply chain, technology has had a monumental impact on the way products reach their destination.

People are still at the heart of the supply chain and these new systems require the workforce to be on board. Implementing new technology into a supply chain causes a chain reaction that could dramatically improve the efficiency of a supply network. Understanding what this will mean for business, why investing in the right services matter and what companies can expect when new technology placed into the fray is vital.

Choosing The Right Services

With so many options out there, a common issue supply chain leaders face is being uncertain about which technology to invest their time and money into. There are countless service providers and technology manufacturers all ready to say that their process is the right fit. Vetting can become extraordinarily intimidating and is often the reason businesses opt for pushing off their modernization process. Waiting for an industry standard to come around could lead to a company falling behind. Doing the research and finding out if a service is a right fit today will be critical when it comes to adopting new technology in the modern supply chain.

Disrupting The Workforce

When reading up on the latest supply chain technology the themes most likely focus on all the good it can offer a business. Though these new digital technologies deliver a host of benefits and new capabilities, they often leave out how it may disrupt a workforce. People dislike change, even when it’s for the better, it can cause newly adopted technologies to become underutilized or forgotten about altogether. However, when a service provides real value to an organization, employees will be much more willing to take the time to learn and utilize the technology currently.

Continuous Improvement

Just because a supply chain features the latest technology doesn’t mean they will continue to grow and improve on their own. Rarely does a technology exist that is completely autonomous, requiring no human intervention. Technology, especially when it comes to the supply chain is meant to offer insights or make a process run smoother. Supply-chain professionals must take the time to experiment with their systems and services to get the most of the digital supply chain. Continuous improvement should be the goal for any supply chain that implements new technology throughout their supply network.

The Overwhelming Benefits

One thing that is impossible to miss when discussing the latest and most practical supply chain technologies are the overwhelming benefits it can have on a supply network. Businesses can gain improved visibility, understanding what role each link in their supply chain plays and supply chain managers can eliminate headaches and act more efficiently. All of this success depends on having a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and implementing the right technology to achieve a stated goal. When appropriately used, innovative technology can have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of any supply chain.

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