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  February 19th, 2019 | Written by

New Customs Platform Utilizes Disruptive Technology

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RIISE, a brand new platform based on recorded trends seen with Dubai Customs, is the latest and greatest customs management platform that not only increases transparency, but also fosters a cost-effective and reliable customs environment. The platform, built by Customs World, confirmed RIISE was created to provide automation and technology features including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Prediction, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and blockchain.
“This disruptive technical and functional CMS (Customs Management System) and the trade enabling platform takes the lessons and builds on the learnings and 100 years of distinctive experience and practices of Dubai Customs.” Nadya Kamali, CEO of Customs World said. “To further solidify our commitment to make this world a safer place, the system recognizes the threats and increasing challenges of today and provides the levels of border integrity that governments and their communities expect in such a way that sets world benchmarks for cross border trade”.
RIISE is built with a vision to be the number 1 partner of choice for governments to protect their borders and facilitate trade following the standards and requirements of the World Trade Organization, SAFE and Kyoto.  It is a disruptive option to a stale market currently monopolized by companies with a 1990’s mentality dumping legacy technology and rebranding old processes.”
The platform is predicted to launch during the second quarter of 2019. Once launched, Customs World will offer assistance with training, demos, and consultations.
Source: Dubai Customs