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  March 3rd, 2021 | Written by

National Forum on Team Telecom

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Attend ACI’s premiere National Forum on Team Telecom and engage in meaningful dialogue with telecommunications industry executives and practitioners specializing in National Security, Telecommunications, International Trade, Import/Export Compliance and Global M&A. Plus, gain critical strategies for managing reviews in the new Team Telecom environment, meeting new timelines, eliminating uncertainty and overcoming key challenges and pitfalls.


A Spotlight Interview with Loyaan Egal, Chair, Team Telecom at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a Keynote Address from Troy Tanner, Deputy Chief, International Bureau and Geoffrey Starks, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.


-Team Telecom 2.0: Examining the New Team Telecom Environment in the Aftermath of Executive Order 13913 and A Deep Dive into the FCC’s Recent Implementation Guidelines

-Effectively Navigating the New Team Telecom Process: Strategies for Jumpstarting the Process, Meeting New Timelines, Eliminating Uncertainty and Avoiding Pitfalls

-Managing the Interplay Between CFIUS, FOCI and Team Telecom Reviews

-Insights from Foreign Investors on the New Team Telecom Process

-Negotiating and Structuring Mitigation Agreements Amidst the New Team Telecom Landscape

-And More!

View the Full Agenda and List of Distinguished Speakers and Register Today!

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