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  June 17th, 2016 | Written by

Making DHL Express Services More Accessible

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  • ShipperHQ, a shipping rate management platform, has added to its functionality with partnership to ILS.
  • With new partnership, DHL Express services will be accessible for customers at affordable prices.
  • Customers now expect to have access to products no matter where they originate.

ShipperHQ, a shipping rate management solution, has partnered with International Logistics Solutions (ILS) to make international shipping simpler and more cost-effective for small to medium sized merchants.

The number of merchants opening their doors to the global market is steadily increasing and customers now expect to have access to products no matter where they originate. Customers’ expectations have grown high and they are more likely to buy from merchants who offer shipping options that balance speed and cost. To keep a competitive edge and high customer satisfaction across the board, it is imperative that merchants offer competitive shipping options to both domestic and international customers.

As an authorized DHL agent, ILS gives US merchants access to DHL Express services while offering them lower rates and excellent customer service from international shipping specialists. With DHL Express, merchants have the ability to delight their customers and raise their brand image with one-to-three day transit to almost anywhere in the world and full door-to-door tracking.

ShipperHQ gives merchants the power to take control over every aspect of the rates and options offered to their customers. With a sophisticated rules engine they can manipulate live rates from the largest carriers by adding surcharges and discounts, and can add custom rates based on a range of criteria. The platform also includes support for enterprise-grade functionality like multi-origin fulfillment, estimated delivery dates, dimensional rating, and a host of other options. Its functionality allows merchants to decrease cart abandonment by providing their customers with accurate rates while ensuring they cover their costs.

With ShipperHQ and ILS combined, merchants have the ability to offer lower rates and fast service to both international and domestic customers while enjoying excellent customer service. Both teams have extensive knowledge in international shipping and understand what it takes to be a merchant with the intent of generating self-driving commerce.