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  September 13th, 2016 | Written by

M3 Logistics Boosts Nationwide Warehouse Automation

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  • M3 Logistics replaces Translogix Sapphire system with InfoMotion.
  • M3 Logistics reviewed three solutions and chose InfoMotion icsLogistics.
  • Each M3 customer has an individual way of doing things.

M3 Logistics, an independent specialist in warehousing and distribution for suppliers of electrical appliances, ha gone live with InfoMotion’s integrated 3PL logistics management software solution.

InfoMotion’s icsLogistics software will replace M3 Logistics’ aging Translogix Sapphire system which was unable to handle both the volume and complexity of the company’s customer transactions as well as scale effectively alongside its own nationwide growth.

InfoMotion is a provider of end-to-end software solutions for the warehousing and logistics sector.

InfoMotion icsLogistics is a single-platform, fully integrated logistics, warehousing and transport software system with a modular approach covering daily transport operations, management and planning, maintenance, fatigue compliance, traceability, 3PL warehousing, and distribution planning. It brings together all sales and operations related information into one central location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It was developed completely from the ground up in Windows .NET Framework 3.5 on Microsoft SQL Server.

Initially, M3 Logistics has deployed the full functionality of the InfoMotion icsLogistics solution except for mobile scanning which will form part of a second deployment phase.

“Our mission as a business is to provide a real alternative for suppliers and retailers who wish to improve the performance of their supply chain,” said Malcolm Stanton, managing director at M3 Logistics. “At the same tine, we invest in the latest technologies to improve information flow for our customers and to take advantage of technology cost savings.”

M3 Logistics reviewed three solutions and chose InfoMotion icsLogistics based on several key features, including its rich customization functionality and overall simplicity.

“We also liked its commonsense design for a business such as M3 Logistics where each of our customers has an individual way of doing things and we need to be flexible to our customer requirements,” said Stanton. “A lot of processes are different for each customer and InfoMotion icsLogistics will absolutely be able to handle this approach thereby speeding up processing and providing even better customer service.”

Specifically, Infomotion icsLogistics will automate warehousing functions by enabling M3 Logistics to scan products in and out, handle service tracking, and provide support in changing locations as products are moved around the warehouse. It will also handle reporting so that M3 Logistics can report on scan and pick rates and the duration of time required for picking product, handling features such as stock holding, dispatching, order processing, receipt processing, and managing transport and financials. Manual filing at M3 Logistics will all be but eliminated once InfoMotion icsLogistics is fully implemented.

M3 is an independent specialist in warehousing and distribution for suppliers of electrical appliances and deliveries into major retail outlets. The company provides warehousing solutions, line haulage, wharf cartage customs clearance, store deliveries, and home deliveries. The company operates 75,000 square meters of warehousing and processes around 400,000 orders annually.