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  November 5th, 2016 | Written by

Loadsmart Launches Quote & Book API for Full Truckload

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  • New API streamlines shipping by providing access to Loadsmart's instant pricing and booking.
  • Loadsmart's Truckload Quote and Book API (beta) will be part of popular transportation management systems.
  • TMS will be able to provide instant quoting and booking for U.S. full truckload shipments.

Loadsmart, the logistics technology company specializing in full truckload shipping, has released a beta version of a new API. The feature streamlines the shipping business of U.S. companies by providing access to Loadsmart’s proprietary instant pricing and booking features. The new functionality will be available to all customers in the next two months.

The Truckload Quote and Book API (beta) will be part of enterprise management software and popular transportation management systems (TMS), which can now provide instant quoting and booking for full truckload shipments (FTL) in the United States domestic market. As a result, Fortune 1000 and medium-sized companies will have executable access to the FTL spot market with one click.

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building web-enabled and mobile-based applications.

Thirty-five percent of shippers in the U.S. use a TMS platform to manage their shipping needs, and more than 50 percent of enterprise accounts—those with more than $100 million in freight spend—rely on complex TMS. “The option to integrate with our API will enhance the quoting and booking process for all involved,” said Diego Urrutia, chief commercial officer at Loadsmart. “Clients can continue to work from within their preferred day-to-day TMS and management software, with the added benefit of executable instant FTL pricing. Quoting and booking truckloads is now a one-button experience for shippers.”

Companies that provide an online light truckload shipments service can now expand by adding the online full truckload quote and booking experience. Their customers, in turn, will be able to check real-time FTL shipping prices and book a 53-foot truck instantly with one click, avoiding calls, emails, and double entries.

“The new API will help Loadsmart scale the distribution of its FTL product using technology instead of relying on traditional sales methods,” said Felipe Capella, the company’s co-founder and chief of product. “It is the result of our expansion of, and investment in our engineering, data science, and design teams. We are now focused on improving our pricing algorithms, building integrations, and automating even more operational tasks.”