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Temperature Controlled

  • Allen Lund Co.

    Founded 1976 | North America | Non-Asset Based

    When the conversation is about elite third-party brokers of temperature-controlled food transportation, it doesn’t take long until someone mentions the Allen Lund Co. See? That’s what Allen Lund seems to have been about—ethics,
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  • Americold

    Founded 1903 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based

    Why does Americold oversee a food chain in microcosm, linking producers to processors to distributors to retailers to consumers? What accounts for its dominion over the transport, temperature and continued non-toxicity of so man
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  • Burris Logistics

    Solutions for temperature-controlled transport? Burris has a menu of them, itemized or bundled, prepared by four distinct company divisions, covering the supply chain start to finish. Scanning these services—procurement, temp-controlled transport, warehousing, distribution, food redis
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  • C.R. England

    Founded 1920 | North America | Asset Based

    The late 2010 introduction of TempStack—53-foot temperature-controlled containers stacked two-high on railroad flatcars—injected the 3PL market with economic growth hormone. Those boxes expanded capacity, improved delivery and increa
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  • Flagship Logistics

    When a chain is only as cold as its warmest link—or only as valuable as its on-time delivery—Flagship reduces stress of frozen and refrigerated less than truckload transportation by improving communication, pairing each customer with a dedicated account manager. The company’s 99 p
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  • Hanson Logistics

    Founded 1954 | Asset & Non-Asset Based

    Its Chicago Consolidation Center is barely the same place after a fourth expansion in seven years added 12,000 pallet positions of deep frozen storage, bringing capacity to 16.5 million cubic feet. Yet throughput is even more efficient a
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  • Landstar

    Founded 1988 | Global | Non-Asset Based

    The company does temperature-controlled goods movement with a network of independent businesses—more than 1,100 agents, 8,400 leased owner operators, 14,000 trailers and 40,000 other available-capacity providers. The approach intends to b
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  • Lineage Logistics

    Founded 1907 | Asset Based

    Although formed in 2012, this merger of premier temperature-controlled warehousing companies assembled a few centuries of combined experience, not to mention strong regional reputations. With 102 locations in 21 states—including strategic facilities a
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  • Tucker Co.

    Founded 1961 | North America | Non-Asset Based

    This outfit is increasingly focusing its temperature-controlled transport services on the steadily changing and demanding needs of the life science industry. As many medicinal treatments shift from pharmaceutical toward biologic trea
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  • Weber Logistics

    Founded 1924 | North America | Asset & Non-Asset Based

    In the candy business, where retail replenishment is a nearly daily duty, the cost of temperature-controlled, less-than-truckload freight can turn a sweet tooth into a stomach ache. Weber Logistics solved this dilemma for
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Written by Haylle Sok