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Americas Leading 3PLs

D.B. Schenker

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Written by Haylle Sok

Founded 1947 | Global | Non-Asset Based

What’s the “D.B.” stand for? Deutsche Bahn, the German railway—and that’s why the company with the Long Island address stands among the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services, its 95,700 employees offering freight movement by land, air and ocean and global supply chain management to the tune of nearly $22 billion in revenues. Confident? Here’s D.B. Schenker on company methodology: “We provide solutions without complicated strategies.” On sustainability: “A supply chain with global reach does not have to be bad for the environment.” Meanwhile, Schenker just joined a clean air compact with Hyundai, opened the “terminal of the future” in Finland, and bought a robot to work in one of its warehouses.