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  • Anchorage, AK

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska
    Population: 300,950
    Unemployment: 6.1 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 0

    Anchorage, sandwiched between Canada and Russia, is one of the U.S.’s most diverse cities with a significant number of immigrants from troubled nations such as Somalia, De
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  • Austin, TX

    AUSTIN, Texas
    Population: 885,400
    Unemployment: 3.3 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 2

    The home of the University of Texas is America’s “It” city, a progressive and creative hub. At one time that just meant music at its iconic South By Southwest festival; no
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  • Boston, MA

    BOSTON, Massachusetts
    Population: 645,966
    Unemployment: 4.3 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 2

    America’s first global city, 19th century Boston, the “Athens of America,” was the seat of American intellectualism and letters. It remains a hub of higher educati
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  • Bridgeport, CT

    BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut
    Population: 147,216
    Unemployment: 5.2 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 0

    Though there are none in Bridgeport itself, the city is within 100 miles or closer to virtually all of Connecticut’s 17 Fortune 500 companies. It’s not surprising
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  • Honolulu, HI

    HONOLULU, Hawai’i
    Population: 390,738
    Unemployment: 4.1 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 0

    Fittingly, Oahu is called “The Gathering Place,” as it and its largest city, Honolulu, have become an international meeting place for the U.S. and Asia. Located about
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  • Knoxville, TN

    KNOXVILLE, Tennessee
    Population: 183,270
    Unemployment: 5.9 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 0

    Home to the 1982 World’s Fair—where touch screens and Cherry Coca-Cola debuted—Knoxville rates high on a lot of best lists—value, entrepreneurial spirit, best for
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  • Louisville, KY

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky
    Population: 609,893
    Unemployment: 4.7 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 3

    Home to America’s favorite horse race (Kentucky Derby), chicken (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and baseball bat (Louisville Slugger), Louisville is quintessentially ‘Murica
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  • Oakland, CA

    OAKLAND, California
    Population: 406,253
    Unemployment: 4.7 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 1

    Like Brooklyn to the east, Oakland has become a less-expensive, hipper alternative to a very expensive (chillier) neighbor, i.e. San Francisco. Home to one of the nation
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  • Tulsa, OK

    TULSA, Oklahoma
    Population: 398,121
    Unemployment: 4.8 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 3

    The buckle of the Bible Belt and one of the historic and significant hubs of the U.S. oil and gas industry, Tulsa continues to evolve. Though the three Fortune 500 companies b
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  • Washington, D.C.

    Population: 646,449
    Unemployment: 4.9 percent
    Fortune 500 Companies: 2

    Chock full of seats of power, institutes of high learning and awesome bars (we have our priorities), you’re not only surrounded by power when you’re in W
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Written by Haylle Sok