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  • Asheville, NC

    ASHEVILLE, North Carolina
    Population: 87,236
    Unemployment: 5.0 percent
    Median Home Price: $235,500

    Just this year, Asheville found itself ranked as a best city in which to start a business and to work, as a friendliest city—to both pet and human—the coolest,
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  • Birmingham, AL

    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama
    Population: 212,113
    Unemployment: 5.9 percent
    Median Home Price: $177,000

    Once known as the Pittsburgh of the South, Birmingham is transitioning to a more diversified economic landscape. That starts with a revitalized downtown offering not on
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  • Buffalo, NY

    BUFFALO, New York
    Population: 258,959
    Unemployment: 5.3 percent
    Median home price: $89,450

    Buffalo has been aggressive about getting business and people into the area, whether through its Urban Homestead Program that offers homes at $1 if buyers restore and live
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  • Columbus, IN

    COLUMBUS, Indiana
    Population: 45,775
    Unemployment: 4.9 percent
    Median home price: $223,134

    Louisville and Indianapolis are each about an hour away, but why would you leave a city boasting 700 acres of parks, more than 20 miles of walkable trails and urban landsc
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  • Columbus, OH

    COLUMBUS, Ohio
    Population: 822,553
    Unemployment: 4.2 percent
    Median home price: $135,000

    Though Ohio’s largest city, Columbus maintains a small town feel—especially on Saturdays during football season—in part because it is home to Ohio State University. Th
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  • Fayetteville, AR

    FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas
    Population: 78,960
    Unemployment: 4.2 percent
    Median home price: $183,750

    Fayetteville offers low cost of living, a local economic engine in the University of Arkansas (which increased enrollment by 10,000) and close proximity to job creato
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  • Oklahoma City, Ok

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma
    Population: 610,613
    Unemployment: 4.3 percent
    Median home price: $185,000

    OKC is a place that certainly gives a person a lot of job options and businesses lots of incentives to hire new talent. Consider that the city is home to nearly 19,
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  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
    Population: 305,841
    Unemployment: 5.4 percent
    Median home price: $149,900

    No city was as identified with an industry as Pittsburgh was with steel. But things change and the city has transitioned from a steel town to a smart one. Pittsbur
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  • Provo, UT

    PROVO, Utah
    Population: 116,288
    Unemployment: 3.6 percent
    Median home price: $394,668

    Provo has the highest level of well-being of any city in the U.S., according to a Gallup/Healthways study that looked at factors such as work environment and emotional and phys
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  • San Jose, CA

    SAN JOSE, California
    Population: 998,537
    Unemployment: 4.1 percent
    Median home price: $750,000

    As you’d expect from Silicon Valley, about half of its residents have college degrees. What’s more, locals with graduate degrees make nearly $40,000 a year more th
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Written by Haylle Sok