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Currency, of course, is the oxygen of any financial ecosystem. And there again India’s rapid development and growth have the country gagging, especially

We’ve written lots of stories about how growth in a particular industry will many times fuel improvements in the methods that industry uses to ship its

When it comes to software designed to streamline supply chains, there’s old global trade management, and then there’s the new.
The old school global trade management (GTM)

It’s been said that New York City is America’s business capital, but now that President-elect Trump is heading to the White House, look for that moniker

Some people who have worked hard their entire life retreat to the golf course or get themselves a little beach cottage and park themselves on the

With the new year fast approaching and bringing with it the Trump era, global traders have much to consider while preparing for changes in 2017 and

Are you thinking about operating your own warehouse? If you’re new to exporting that’s probably not the best idea. But keep that thought in mind for

When it comes to carriers, the drayage industry tends to run a little differently. The majority of drayage carriers are actually contracted owner/operators rather than employees.

In mid-September, Schneider National announced that it had obtained the green light for streamlined Customs clearance for select commodities moving to Mexico at Kansas City Southern

It was the classic shipper’s nightmare of an overseas shipment gone wrong. Albert Saphir, president of logistics consulting and training firm ABS Consulting, recalls the case

Here’s one way to get your 3PL to provide a service you need: Ask.
Third-party logistics providers will tell you that the development of many of their

What are the reasons to continue your education in supply-chain management?
If you’re the chief executive, what reasons might you have to support employees interested in

It’s a great time to be an exporter. The recent American Express Grow Global Survey found that 80 percent of U.S. businesses with $250,000 to $1

To understand what goes into making Combustion Associates Inc. the “poster child” for small companies that export in a big way, how they went from outsider

When wealthy Dutch burghers sat down to sumptuous feasts, they took great pride in the sophisticated and lavish decorations that appointed their dining rooms. They were

APL Logistics Ltd. announced in August the setup of APL Logistics Oman, a new joint venture company with Arab Global Logistics LLC in Oman. The new

Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit in New York City, had to take currency fluctuations into account when striking a deal with an Australian firm to license

Air cargo is the obvious transportation option if you need to get something somewhere fast. If you have a shipment that needs to be in Europe

Albert Saphir, principal of ABS Consulting, was contacted not long ago to help with an international sourcing effort that could serve as an illustration on how

Air cargo trade group expects more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Over the years, we here at Global Trade have gone out of our way to remind small, or smaller, business owners who believe the global marketplace

Population: 559,121 | Unemployment: 6.4 percent | Population Growth Since 2000: 448,607 to 559,121
City business officials say they are going to push to turn

Population: 827,097 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Project: Tryon Place, Stonewall Corridor
It’s hard to keep up with what’s going up in Charlotte, both in

Population: 132,609 | Unemployment: 4.9 percent | Top University: College of Charleston
Little more than two years ago, the Milken Institute ranked the Charleston region

Population: 198,645 | Unemployment: 2.8 percent | Key Infrastructure: BNSF Railway Complex

Besides a busy freight train complex—BNSF alone serves more than 100 trains a day—and

Population: 88,512 | Unemployment: 4.1 percent | Fortune 500 Companies: 0
From 1960 to well into the ’90s, Asheville’s population hovered around 60,000 but grew

Population: 258,071 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Closest Port: Port of Buffalo
Though Buffalo shipped a respectable amount of exports last year ($4.8 billion),

Population: 463,878 | Unemployment: 5.3 percent | Median Home Price: $200,900
Atlanta has reasserted itself as a destination for professionals—its population grew 10 percent in

Population: 212,461 | Unemployment: 6.0 percent | Population Growth Since 2010: 0.1 percent
The former steel center of the South was forced to remodel its economic

Population: 98,469 | Unemployment: 3.9 percent | Leading Industries: Healthcare, Technology
Albany’s Tech Valley has become something of a magnet for top talent. Started in

Population: 931,830 | Unemployment: 2.9 percent | Sales Tax: 8.25 percent

The energy and independent spirit that first brought Austin to national prominence for its music/film/art

Optimizing freight in a domestic supply chain is a science that has been evolving for the past 20 years. Beyond truckload moves or your grandfather’s streamlined

The American railroad industry has a storied history, given the important role railroads played in the industrial development of the country. Exporters who ship their products

Every schoolchild knows Columbus was looking for India when he stumbled upon the Americas. But the Portuguese actually reached India by sea in the 1490s. And

A lot of nerves were frayed in February and March last year, as cargo piled up at West Coast ports owing to the standoff between labor

Yusen Logistics says it significantly strengthened its logistics presence in Duisburg, Germany, in June by acquiring a new warehouse and expanding its storage capacity by nearly

This election, same as all previous elections, is the “most important in history.” Maybe that’s true this time. The inheritance likely awaiting either Donald Trump or

Many exporters get so excited about winning new business overseas that they forget about the potential risks. The hazards they overlook may include business perils like

A few years ago, Whirlpool Corp. made a push to get extended payment terms from its vendor base. Instead of the prevailing 60-day terms, the Michigan-based

Everything about The Beast was big—from its more than 70,000-pound heft, to a 60 tooth cutter mill capable of grinding 800 yards of stumps and whole

For the fourth year, we present you with 105 of America’s Leading 3PLs, a compilation of service providers in needs-based categories that we hope will guide

You know, there are a lot of similarities between beer and ice cream. One’s a delicious treat on a hot day that can nevertheless prove harmful

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

Quick—what were the largest ships in the pre-industrial world? Not the Spanish galleons that brought New World silver across the Atlantic; and not the British men

What does it mean to be a thought leader? The term has become common corporate-speak for just about anything involving advice on how to do business,

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

The 1960s—considered the “golden age of air travel”—may be long gone, but the 25 carriers below are bringing glamour back to the international skies. Whether you’re

Picking a port isn’t as simple as going to the closest option. Sure, some ports can do it all, but many specialize in certain types of

Industry events may seem to have become a form of collective memento mori for logistics professionals these days, as logistics conferences often contain at least one


The Private 5G Network Market is set to observe substantial growth between 2024 and 2032 due to higher adoption in the integration of private 5G networks

retail banking frontline

The retail banking market will witness over 5% CAGR between 2023 and 2032, propelled by surging deals and sales, enticing retail bankers seeking mutual benefits. This


The snack packaging industry is experiencing increased demand for packaging solutions catering to customer convenience and preferences. Snacks, being a popular choice for quick, informal, or


Corrosion, the gradual deterioration of metal due to chemical reactions with the environment, is a silent but costly enemy for industries worldwide. From infrastructure to automotive,


Kemi Badenoch, the Trade Secretary of the United Kingdom, is spearheading efforts to uphold free and fair trade and safeguard UK businesses against escalating global trade


In the ever-competitive world of Quick Service Restaurants, delivery isn’t just an add-on, it’s a core component of the customer experience. Yet, many food chains struggle


U.S. Inductor Imports
In December 2023, imports of inductors into the United States rose significantly to 382M units, surging by 6.6% on the previous month’s figure. Over


Flaconi, a prominent online beauty and perfume retailer in Germany, has chosen GreyOrange Inc., an AI-driven fulfillment automation leader, to optimize its warehouse operations for faster

vienna airport

Vienna Airport is solidifying its position as a key cargo hub for Asian markets through strategic collaborations with Incheon Airport in South Korea and Korean Air.


National postal operators have been tracking a decline in mail activity for years. This declining market share may have started with the rise of email, but


The Australia pallet wraps market size is expected to surge at a CAGR of 3.0% in the next ten years. The market is projected to increase

ivalua business procurement

Optimizing procurement efforts can launch businesses into new realms of success. However, the steps between implementation and increased profits can seem murky even for the most


When it comes to importing fresh beef carcase, there are several countries that stand out as top import markets. According to the latest data from the


Compliance with laws and regulations is critical in any business. In particular, logistics companies dealing with pharmaceutical products must remain on top of the latest trends. 


In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today’s business world, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources can pave the way for success. 
Kyle Patel, founder, and CEO of


Citrus fruits are a staple in diets around the world, known for their tangy and refreshing taste as well as their health benefits. From oranges and

tea packaging

The tea packaging market, valued at USD 5.92 billion in 2022 reaching USD 9.32 billion by 2032 at expanding CAGR of 4.7% between 2023 and 2032.


The key to soaring employee productivity in the bustling world of logistics lies in the smart implementation of logistics software. These systems are not just tools


In an era where digital transformation is at its peak, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations. One such advancement in the realm

reusable packaging

Manufacturers, supply chain workers and the packaging industry must collaborate to make reusable packaging scalable for a greener planet. Single-use containers should have never become the


When it comes to importing transportation vehicle body parts, some countries stand out as the top import markets in the world. These countries have shown a


The logistics industry stands at a pivotal point, with evolving technologies and shifting market dynamics presenting both challenges and opportunities. To capitalize on these trends, logistics


Sensitech, a renowned provider of supply chain visibility solutions, has introduced TempTale® GEO X, an innovative IoT temperature monitoring solution tailored specifically for the life sciences

4D printing

The global 4D printing market is projected to reach a valuation of US$ 2.5 billion by the conclusion of 2033, experiencing a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)


The United States is a relatively open market for business. In terms of size, the country is the fourth largest by area in the world and


Soft drinks are a popular beverage choice worldwide, with a wide variety of flavors and brands available on the market. In recent years, the demand for


In a strategic move aimed at enhancing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Porto Itapoá has partnered with surveillance company Segurpro to introduce electric vehicles for motorized

lead market

Lead is an essential element used in various industries, including construction, automotive, and batteries. As a result, there is a significant demand for lead in the

shipping container

Preparing FCL or LCL shipment can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to shipping and logistics. Both methods have their unique requirements, but there


According to Adroit Market Research, the market for fifth-party logistics was estimated at USD 9.27 billion and is projected to increase at a CAGR of just

shipping container

The global shipping industry experienced a significant surge in rates over the past couple of months, as an aftermath of the Red Sea crisis. Three


Kardex, a global leader in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), is introducing Kardex FulfillX, an innovative warehouse execution system tailored specifically for AutoStore empowered by


Just like any other business, logistics firms must have an SEO-driven website to build a robust online presence. 
This can help convey brand messages and reach the

import market

When it comes to wine, there are certain countries in the world that dominate the import market. These countries have a strong demand for wine and


The labor market has undergone a significant shift in the past few decades. In the midst of a turbulent market, low unemployment, and the remaining tailwinds

movu robotics

Stow Group’s innovative subsidiary, Movu Robotics, is set to take center stage at Modex 2024 with a dynamic showcase of its advanced warehouse robotics systems. Positioned

rice market

Rice is one of the most widely consumed staple foods across the globe. With its versatility and affordability, it has become a crucial component of diets


Ivalua, a renowned leader in spend management solutions, has unveiled the details of its highly anticipated event series, Ivalua NOW – Procurement [RE]Imagined. Set to commence


In an age where trust is increasingly at a premium, blockchain technology emerges as a beacon of transparency and security. With its decentralized and immutable ledger


Over the last decade, the landscape of Swiss watch imports has undergone a remarkable transformation, witnessing significant growth across various global markets. This evolution has mirrored


Diodes are essential components in various electronic devices and have a significant global market. In this article, we will explore the world’s best import markets for

business analytics renovation

Global Data Center Renovation Market was reached USD 20 billion in 2022 and is projected to register 14% CAGR from 2023 to 2032, driven by rapid


HWArobotics, a pioneer in shuttle ASRS technology, is making waves in North America with its groundbreaking solutions. Recently, the company partnered with Canadian e-commerce logistics leader,


Electric vehicles are great for our environment, but what happens to vehicles at the end of their life cycle? Are they truly good for our environment


Biologics are therapeutic products derived from living organisms or their components, such as cells, proteins, or nucleic acids. Unlike traditional drugs, which are often chemically synthesized,

supply chain

Retail in the United States is a 7 trillion-dollar industry that employs millions of Americans, and it is supported by a complex web of global supply


The world’s best import markets for copper play a pivotal role in the global economy, with countries like China, the United States, and Germany leading the

cross docks

One of the top trends that will continue into 2024 is that omnichannel will continue to reign supreme. The pandemic and its aftermath showed brands that


Fillogic, a leader in channel-free logistics, announces a pioneering initiative to provide fully recyclable and reusable packaging for customer shipments. Collaborating with Renegade Plastics® and Returnity,


When it comes to the import market for primary cells and batteries, several countries stand out as the world’s top destinations for these products. According to


AIT Worldwide Logistics, a prominent global logistics provider, has unveiled its latest achievement with the opening of the AIT-Chicago office and warehouse in Palatine, Illinois. This


Retail is one of the most important areas of today’s business and commercial landscape, and while has evolved over the years it will not go away


As the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) evolves rapidly, the recent probe by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into OpenAI marks a significant milestone


MODE Global, a prominent third-party logistics (3PL) firm, has exciting news to share as it welcomes Max Slivka as its latest Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Slivka

The worldwide market for refillable packaging is on an upward trajectory, starting at a value of USD 41.50 billion in 2022 and projected to surge to

supply chain

It’s hard to believe the COVID-19 pandemic began four years ago. It seems like it was only yesterday when factories shut down, key ports were jammed

transportation supply chain odex portal

In the past, logistics management existed within an opaque realm – shippers lacked visibility, carriers faced limited collaboration, and customers were often left wondering where their

beer market

When it comes to beer, there are a few countries that stand out as the top import markets in the world. These countries not only have


The ball bearing industry is a vital component of the global manufacturing sector, providing essential components for a wide range of products and machinery. These small

generative AI market platform edge

Generative AI in the Media and Entertainment refers to the application of artificial intelligence techniques, specifically generative models, in the creation, enhancement, and production of various

port congestion import

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, released its January Global Shipping Report for logistics and supply chain professionals. In January


Synergy Logistics, a leader in warehouse technology innovation, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Techdinamics, a renowned provider of connected fulfillment solutions. This collaboration aims


Understanding the Appeal of Nearshoring for IT Talent Needs
The IT and technology talent shortage is reaching a crisis point. As demand for skilled tech workers surges,


In recent years, the global market for meat preparations of poultry has experienced significant growth, with several countries emerging as major importers of these products. The


Starting a dropshipping store can be an exciting venture, offering the opportunity to run an e-commerce business without the need for inventory or hefty upfront investments.


WELTEC BIOPOWER, a leading provider of biogas plant solutions, has introduced an innovative user interface for its biogas plant control systems, marking a significant upgrade in


The global drone construction monitoring market is expected to reach valuation of US$ 318.2 million in 2023 and further progress at a CAGR of 13.6% to reach US$

warehouse TT

TT Club, a renowned specialist in international freight transport and cargo handling insurance, is focusing on mitigating workplace injuries caused by falls from height, a leading

warehouse TT

Warehouses can be hazardous, but they’re getting safer. Much of that improvement stems from new technologies, with automation leading the charge. 
Automated facilities are far safer than


Chili and pepper are among the most popular spices used in cuisines around the world. These spicy and flavorful ingredients are indispensable in various dishes, adding


Companies engaged in global trade can apply for access to the drawback program administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This program provides a refund


Chocolate is a beloved treat enjoyed by people all over the world. From creamy milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate, there is a type of chocolate

green hydrogen

In the search for a sustainable and clean energy future, green hydrogen has emerged as a frontrunner. Green hydrogen is poised to be pivotal in reducing


Shanghai, a bustling hub of global commerce, is set to welcome back the transport logistic China and air cargo China events this year after a six-year


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, emphasized the imperative for Africa to bolster trade and investment in value-added goods and services to stimulate economic

trax softeon operations

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, released findings from its study How Bad Is the Supply Chain and Logistics Workforce


When managing a warehouse for a budding business, space is a valuable resource. However, if warehouse space isn’t optimized and managed well, the storage of products

transportation supply chain odex portal

ODeX, a prominent provider of digital solutions for ocean freight shipping, has unveiled a comprehensive report shedding light on the state of digital transformation within the

travel airline

The airline industry suffered arguably its worst two years during 2021 and 2022. The pandemic can explain many critiques, but there was a lot of self-inflicted


When it comes to the global trade of petroleum bitumen, several countries dominate the import market. These nations have high demand for this essential component of


According to Deloitte, the healthcare industry is on the way to becoming 26% of the GDP, exceeding $12 trillion by 2040. The development of new drugs


The global lead ore market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with several countries emerging as the top importers of lead ore. According to data

UniCarriers® Forklift, a renowned entity within the Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas group (Logisnext), proudly unveils its latest brand campaign, “A Brand You Can Trust,” marking over a


Businesses importing goods into Canada—whether based in Canada or non-resident importers (NRIs) located outside its borders—are experiencing a seismic change in how they conduct business. 
To modernize

BlueBox Systems, renowned for its innovative air freight tracking solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature, empowering customers with unparalleled accuracy in


The global market for fresh bread and miscellaneous bakery products is experiencing strong growth, with several countries emerging as key import markets. According to data from

scope autoo2 trax

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the imperative to mitigate carbon emissions has never been more urgent. Manufacturing supply chains, responsible for a staggering one-fifth of

supply chain

Master adapting supply chains to navigate unforeseen disruptions so you can rest assured that your business can weather anything!
When unpredictability is a problem, adapting supply chains


The transport container market is a vital component of the global logistics industry, facilitating the movement of goods across countries and continents. The demand for transport


Foremost Farms USA, a prominent dairy cooperative operating across seven states, has recently joined forces with Vanguard Renewables, a leading national player in organics-to-renewable energy production.

auto purchases mullen

Fleet vehicles deeply shape emerging markets. They form a foundation businesses use for commerce, moving goods and services around, and aiding economic growth. Disrupting norms, these

trade finance art

Art has long been used as an investment as well as a source of delight and contemplation. As an asset that can outperform inflation and is


The global robotic drilling market is valued at US$ 485 billion in 2023 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 8% to reach US$ 985 billion


In today’s digital age, the demand for digital data processing machines has been soaring high. These machines play a crucial role in various industries, from banking

scope autoo2 trax

ProvisionAi Achieves Remarkable Milestone: 88,000 Trucks Off Roads in 2023 with Ambitious 2024 Target
In a significant stride towards sustainability, ProvisionAi, a pioneer in supply chain optimization,


Madison County, Mississippi, January 2024 – Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) proudly announces the monumental arrival of Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), heralding the largest

chain global failure friedman footprint relationship chinese registrar supply analytics life

Haelixa, a leading provider of physical traceability solutions, is pleased to announce strategic appointments aimed at fueling innovation and accelerating growth in the supply chain industry.


How do you solve fluctuating supply problems by smoothing the flow of products?
Let’s set the stage. 
Companies have developed a network of market-facing distribution centers (DCs) to


When it comes to the passenger car tyre market, there are several countries that stand out as the world’s best import markets. These countries not only


As a firm that puts a professional in a job every three minutes of the workday, Korn Ferry continuously tracks what organizations are looking for in


In a groundbreaking move within the Brazilian port industry, Porto Itapoá introduces an exclusive and innovative solution for emergency situations: its own rescue cage. Recognizing the


The Smart Fleet Management Market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $65.8 billion to over $141.1 billion by 2032; as


B&H Worldwide, a renowned leader in aerospace logistics, has inked a three-year exclusivity deal with Advantage Future Tech (AFT) to oversee its inventory and shipping services

trade compliance

Over the past year, global trade has faced seismic disruptions, from escalating geopolitical conflicts and persistent inflation to supply chain breakdowns and expanding regulations. With fines


DispatchTrack, a leading provider of last mile delivery solutions, has introduced a suite of enhancements to its delivery management platform, aiming to elevate the customer communication


Tomatoes are one of the most widely consumed vegetables worldwide, and the global trade of this versatile fruit is booming. In this article, we will explore


In a move to catalyze economic development in the Tri-State region, Corn Belt Ports inaugurated its latest office at the Johnson-Turner Innovation, Design, and Experimental Activities


The global banana industry is a thriving market, with several countries leading the world in terms of import value. The consumption of bananas is widespread and

break room

Break rooms are essential spaces that provide relaxation amidst hectic work days. When employees enter the break room, they want to recharge and prepare for the

robots netlogistik

Netlogistik, a leader in supply chain digital transformation services, has announced a strategic partnership with SVT Robotics™, a software provider specializing in empowering IT teams to

scope autoo2 trax

A recent study by Ivalua sheds light on the growing concerns within U.S. organizations regarding unintentional greenwashing, with 45% expressing worries about the legitimacy of their


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly affecting numerous industries, and many people are eager to see how it could improve their businesses and workflows. Applying this technology


In recent years, there has been a growing global interest in sustainable energy sources as countries strive to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the effects

container chain market

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions in Yemen, the Red Sea has become a focal point of concern for international trade. 
The Houthi attacks continue unabated. In


When it comes to the global trade of telecommunications instruments, certain countries stand out for their significant import markets. These countries play a crucial role in


Trade Tech Inc., a renowned global logistics platform, has raised the bar for innovation with the launch of Syrinx, the next-generation user interface set to transform


According to, The education sector is experiencing significant growth, driven by increased mobile adoption and the availability of affordable e-learning resources. Notably, the United States,


In the realm of automated manufacturing, Heli has emerged as a pioneer, showcasing how tailored solutions can transform warehouse operations. By integrating Kollmorgen technology into specialized


Trax Technologies, a pioneer in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions, is playing a pivotal role in equipping pharmaceutical companies with a strategic advantage in addressing the

Is your business ready for the digital revolution reshaping the global market?
In the current fast-paced business environment, embracing digital transformation has become essential. Driven by advanced


Fact.MR recently conducted a comprehensive research analysis on the global palm oil market, providing an in-depth overview of product categories, end-users, and regions within the industry. The study

Q4 digital

Recent data from Tradeshift reveals a surprising rebound in global trade activity during the fourth quarter, with a notable increase in order volumes. Tradeshift’s Index of


Hot-rolled non-alloy steel wire rod is a crucial component in various industries, including construction, automotive, and machinery manufacturing. As a result, the global demand for this

2024 supply chain

It’s been a grueling couple of years for global supply chains. Covid granted challenges previously unimaginable, and geopolitical disruptions are poised to be equally demanding over


In warehouses and factories globally, the landscape of material handling is evolving with the advent of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). Kollmorgen,


Tin is a versatile metal widely used in various industries such as electronics, construction, and automotive. Its importance in modern society has made it a highly


Leading players in the air freight sector, including DHL, Kühne + Nagel, Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, and Emirates SkyCargo, are turning to trilatec’s innovative squAIR-timber product to


Embracing Precision: Dynamic Collaborations Propel Robotic Dentistry Market with a Projected 16.3% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. Industry Leaders’ Strategic Partnerships Fuel Innovation and Efficiency in

container chain market

Balika Sonthalia, Senior Partner and Americas Co-lead in the Operations and Performance practice at Kearney, provides insights into the ongoing disruptions in the Red Sea and