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January 9 – 11
This event incorporates leading-edge educational sessions with the largest regional trade show in the industry, attracting industry decision-makers

Currency, of course, is the oxygen of any financial ecosystem. And there again India’s rapid development and growth have the country gagging, especially

We’ve written lots of stories about how growth in a particular industry will many times fuel improvements in the methods that industry uses to ship its

When it comes to software designed to streamline supply chains, there’s old global trade management, and then there’s the new.
The old school global trade management (GTM)

It’s been said that New York City is America’s business capital, but now that President-elect Trump is heading to the White House, look for that moniker

Some people who have worked hard their entire life retreat to the golf course or get themselves a little beach cottage and park themselves on the

With the new year fast approaching and bringing with it the Trump era, global traders have much to consider while preparing for changes in 2017 and

Are you thinking about operating your own warehouse? If you’re new to exporting that’s probably not the best idea. But keep that thought in mind for

When it comes to carriers, the drayage industry tends to run a little differently. The majority of drayage carriers are actually contracted owner/operators rather than employees.

In mid-September, Schneider National announced that it had obtained the green light for streamlined Customs clearance for select commodities moving to Mexico at Kansas City Southern

It was the classic shipper’s nightmare of an overseas shipment gone wrong. Albert Saphir, president of logistics consulting and training firm ABS Consulting, recalls the case

Here’s one way to get your 3PL to provide a service you need: Ask.
Third-party logistics providers will tell you that the development of many of their

What are the reasons to continue your education in supply-chain management?
If you’re the chief executive, what reasons might you have to support employees interested in

It’s a great time to be an exporter. The recent American Express Grow Global Survey found that 80 percent of U.S. businesses with $250,000 to $1

To understand what goes into making Combustion Associates Inc. the “poster child” for small companies that export in a big way, how they went from outsider

When wealthy Dutch burghers sat down to sumptuous feasts, they took great pride in the sophisticated and lavish decorations that appointed their dining rooms. They were

APL Logistics Ltd. announced in August the setup of APL Logistics Oman, a new joint venture company with Arab Global Logistics LLC in Oman. The new

Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit in New York City, had to take currency fluctuations into account when striking a deal with an Australian firm to license

Air cargo is the obvious transportation option if you need to get something somewhere fast. If you have a shipment that needs to be in Europe

Albert Saphir, principal of ABS Consulting, was contacted not long ago to help with an international sourcing effort that could serve as an illustration on how

Air cargo trade group expects more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Over the years, we here at Global Trade have gone out of our way to remind small, or smaller, business owners who believe the global marketplace

Population: 559,121 | Unemployment: 6.4 percent | Population Growth Since 2000: 448,607 to 559,121
City business officials say they are going to push to turn

Population: 827,097 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Project: Tryon Place, Stonewall Corridor
It’s hard to keep up with what’s going up in Charlotte, both in

Population: 132,609 | Unemployment: 4.9 percent | Top University: College of Charleston
Little more than two years ago, the Milken Institute ranked the Charleston region

Population: 198,645 | Unemployment: 2.8 percent | Key Infrastructure: BNSF Railway Complex

Besides a busy freight train complex—BNSF alone serves more than 100 trains a day—and

Population: 88,512 | Unemployment: 4.1 percent | Fortune 500 Companies: 0
From 1960 to well into the ’90s, Asheville’s population hovered around 60,000 but grew

Population: 258,071 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Closest Port: Port of Buffalo
Though Buffalo shipped a respectable amount of exports last year ($4.8 billion),

Population: 463,878 | Unemployment: 5.3 percent | Median Home Price: $200,900
Atlanta has reasserted itself as a destination for professionals—its population grew 10 percent in

Population: 212,461 | Unemployment: 6.0 percent | Population Growth Since 2010: 0.1 percent
The former steel center of the South was forced to remodel its economic

Population: 98,469 | Unemployment: 3.9 percent | Leading Industries: Healthcare, Technology
Albany’s Tech Valley has become something of a magnet for top talent. Started in

Population: 931,830 | Unemployment: 2.9 percent | Sales Tax: 8.25 percent

The energy and independent spirit that first brought Austin to national prominence for its music/film/art

Optimizing freight in a domestic supply chain is a science that has been evolving for the past 20 years. Beyond truckload moves or your grandfather’s streamlined

The American railroad industry has a storied history, given the important role railroads played in the industrial development of the country. Exporters who ship their products

Every schoolchild knows Columbus was looking for India when he stumbled upon the Americas. But the Portuguese actually reached India by sea in the 1490s. And

A lot of nerves were frayed in February and March last year, as cargo piled up at West Coast ports owing to the standoff between labor

Yusen Logistics says it significantly strengthened its logistics presence in Duisburg, Germany, in June by acquiring a new warehouse and expanding its storage capacity by nearly

This election, same as all previous elections, is the “most important in history.” Maybe that’s true this time. The inheritance likely awaiting either Donald Trump or

Many exporters get so excited about winning new business overseas that they forget about the potential risks. The hazards they overlook may include business perils like

September 13 – 15
Billed as “The Premier Forecasting Event of the Year,” this conference features two full days of content broken out into

A few years ago, Whirlpool Corp. made a push to get extended payment terms from its vendor base. Instead of the prevailing 60-day terms, the Michigan-based

Everything about The Beast was big—from its more than 70,000-pound heft, to a 60 tooth cutter mill capable of grinding 800 yards of stumps and whole

For the fourth year, we present you with 105 of America’s Leading 3PLs, a compilation of service providers in needs-based categories that we hope will guide

You know, there are a lot of similarities between beer and ice cream. One’s a delicious treat on a hot day that can nevertheless prove harmful

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

Quick—what were the largest ships in the pre-industrial world? Not the Spanish galleons that brought New World silver across the Atlantic; and not the British men

What does it mean to be a thought leader? The term has become common corporate-speak for just about anything involving advice on how to do business,

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

The 1960s—considered the “golden age of air travel”—may be long gone, but the 25 carriers below are bringing glamour back to the international skies. Whether you’re

Picking a port isn’t as simple as going to the closest option. Sure, some ports can do it all, but many specialize in certain types of

Industry events may seem to have become a form of collective memento mori for logistics professionals these days, as logistics conferences often contain at least one

Once you start using Smart Inventory Management (SIM) in your ecommerce, you’ll notice lots of benefits mostly surrounding inventory control and workflows. But it can improve

When a company’s computers are hacked, management’s first impulses often are to invest in better software, better virus protection packages, better computers or even entire networks.

After confirming it’s most successful February container volume on record, South Carolina Ports Authority reports an impressive 12 percent growth so far for fiscal year 2019

Smart transportation, displacement monitoring, mining security and infrastructure monitoring are just a few of the improvements for enhanced African rural safety following the newest partnership between

With less than 10 days until the long awaited Brexit outcome, BIFA’s Director General Robert Keen stands by his initial warning to freight forwarders to prepare

Through a strategic approach with IoT, the Empathic Building service created by Nordic software and services company Tieto is now supported through the recently announced partnership

A report released by OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office confirmed that counterfeit and pirated goods in trade reached 3.3 percent this year. With the

The 2019 Jaxport Logistics & Intermodal Conference brings leaders in logistics and transportation from around the nation for a two-day event packed with prime opportunities for

In response to the U.S. – China trade deal meeting delay,  American business leaders continue expressing concerns, stating that the end of the tariff impact is

Join industry leading freight forwarders, cargo owners, equipment handlers, terminal operators, manufacturers and project owners at the Port of Antwerp’s debut Antwerp XL Conference for the

In the uber-competitive startup world, surviving is success in itself.
Conventional wisdom says that 90% of startups will fail. So founders, listen up: Before envisioning your new

In his recent State of the Union address, U.S. President Donald Trump described the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a “historic trade blunder” and

Last Sunday’s fatal crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 outside Addis Ababa—the second accident involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8 in just five months—has sent shockwaves

Global Trade Management
This episode we talk with GT Konnect’s President & CEO, Anand Raghavendran, on the trends, challenges and opportunities that are present in the Global

Blume Global and Google Cloud announced their technology partnership earlier this week, adding to Blume’s already extensive tech toolbox. The company confirmed the partnership will help

A new platform specifically designed for leading Fortune 500 companies and technology inventors has created a platform designed to enable access to over half a million

Global Trade recently highlighted an annual 3PL trend study that indicates one of the biggest goals for logistics companies in 2019 is to prioritize customer relationships.

Whether you’ve traveled to distant parts of the world and were inspired by the inventiveness of the communities you visited, read about an issue in a

With airside logistics as the primary focus, global logistics leader Kuehne + Nagel and FEAM Maintenance have confirmed an agreement this week to support efforts in

Feature management platform, LaunchDarkly, announced they will invest big bucks along with Redpoint, Vertex Ventures, DFJ, and Uncork Capital. The company confirmed the investment will support

Join leading fabric suppliers, full package manufacturers, and service providers during this year’s Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami event from May 28-30 at the Mana Wynwood Conference

Global logistics and transportation provider, DB Schenker, announced that it now offers speedy and reliable air cargo delivery to Australia through its newly launched “Direct Express”

From March 27-28, visitors of this year’s Industrial Pack event will also benefit from Design-2-Part, as the events confirmed co-locating at the Cobb Galleria Centre in

The industry of defense and security is frenetic and continues to evolve in light of challenges known and new. Working with sovereign governments around the world

The latest reports released by Dubai Customs reveals an impressive 23 percent growth in free zone trade for 2018, reaching a total of AED532 billion. Total

In 2019, warehousing companies might want to consider the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as an option for delivery. The top two of key differentiators companies

American Airlines is the latest customer to trust in the expertise of Jettainer’s “Cool Management” service following a successful test run, according to an announcement from

The current state of international trade has only added to the chaotic and unpredictable nature of supply chains. This is the reality for many industries, and

Cyber security. Not only do all organizations need it, but most organizations need to improve it. As hackers and all other manner of cyber criminals get

Following the most recent opening of its Los Angeles office, global aviation group Air Partner confirmed the opening of its newest headquarters in Houston, Texas this

Op-eds express the opinions of the writers by conveying a response to an argument or a call to action. They react to a published article either

A recent report released from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) showed a significant increase in demand for IoT devices, ultimately boosting the value

Summer 2019 will be one of expansion for global supply chain operator GEODIS. The company announced plans to open a new 40,000 square-meter logistics center with

Ethiopian Airlines announced the addition of the first ever B737-800 freighter this week. The freighter addition will help support global capacity efforts in the near future. Boasting more

Old Dominion announced its success during the first half of 2019 following the opening of six service centers across the nation. Reduced shipping times, increased daily

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association’s (RACCA) Spring Conference taking place at the beautiful Hilton Scottsdale Resort April 23-25 in Scottsdale,

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross confirmed the launching of an investigation surrounding titanium sponge imports to determine its impact and potential threats on national security.

Kuehne + Nagel, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announced the expansion of its ocean freight platform Sea Explorer, a digitally rooted service network that

Healthcare supply chain takes center stage at the 2019 LogiMed USA conference through a series of case study evaluations, small group discussions, and strategic networking during

Automaker Kia and the Port of Brunswick celebrated the first of its new Telluride vehicles preparing for export at the Port. The automaker’s newest SUV’s were

Ballast Water Management System, FlowSafe, now has the capability for at-sea installation, eliminating the need for new pipework. Flow Water Technologies took on a challenge presented

We hardly need reminding of the global challenges facing companies today, from increased competition from low cost foreign competitors, to tariffs and changing regulations. As if

Sourcing the best airport connection can be tough when big-name companies such as Amazon Air continue to announce expansions to create and delegate more space for

For the last six years in a row, research has confirmed consumers at the gas pump are simply unaware of exactly what kind of fuel is

Partners CEVA Logistics and leading home furnishings company Ikea, confirmed the newest customer distribution center on the east coast this week. The opening of the new

As March 29 draws closer, companies heavily involved in customs clearance prepare for the the changing environment in the near future. With these changes, companies are

With global expansion as the primary goal, C.H. Robinson confirmed its acquisition of the Space Cargo Group this week, adding more global forwarding strategies to the

Plenty of challenges can surface in the course of executing global logistics, no matter what industry you’re in. The ability to work with one company to

International Shipping

Shapiro Company provides detailed tips on the best ways to navigate international business shipping from privacy to proactive measures.
Ensuring these steps are included in your company’s shipping

Singapore-based leading container optimization solutions provider, Containerchain, makes the news as WiseTech Global confirms its latest acquisition of the company supports efforts towards forward-thinking technology integration and

Port of Vancouver

Following the completion of the Port of Vancouver’s decade-long West Vancouver Freight Access (WVFA) project, the America Council of Engineering Companies presented the port with this

All industrial, transit, and protective packaging  professionals that aren’t already registered for North America’s only packaging solutions trade event have less than a month to do so!
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Hermes Logistics Technologies has expanded its India and UK teams in an effort to meet the increasing global demand of the H5 cargo management system.
“As Hermes continues

Arviem, a Swiss supply chain visibility service provider, has been confirmed as one of the 22 selected startups to participate in this year’s “Plug and Play” Supply

For proof that Elon Musk is an innovator when it comes to logistic transportation—as opposed to, in this exercise, space travel, electric cars, solar power, hyperloops,

A steady drumbeat of tariffs, changing trade policy and an overall environment of uncertainty are leading many manufacturers to take a “wait and see” approach to

TMS and logistics technology provider Transplace announced, a leading provider of Enterprise AI® applications, as its newest partner to support additional artificial intelligence and technology integration initiatives.
Noodle utilizes

In an effort to support the company goal to exceed 100 network stations and drop points in 2019, Peli BioThermal announced the opening of its most

In a market with increasing demand for disruptive technology and automated solutions, R2 Logistics understands not only how to create these solutions, but how to create

In the year following his appointment to port director and CEO in January 2018, Port of Galveston’s Rodger Rees proved that with the right kind of

Software helps manage shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Without a crystal ball to predict disasters and variables beyond our control, freight companies need strategies to help them avoid as many service disruptions as possible.

Order fulfillment can be labeled as the least appealing part of the e-commerce lifecycle. However, as unappealing as it is, order fulfillment is integral to the

Today’s global supply chains must contend with global issues, like tariffs, severe weather events and labor disputes. To provide relief from these challenges and help companies

Adding to the more than decade-long relationship, Ceva Logistics confirmed an additional three years has been added to Italian company, Fincantieri – one of the world’s top

As a current member of the Kellogg School Global Advisory Board at Northwestern University—and a previous 24-year tenure as the CEO for DSC Logistics—Ann Drake’s exemplary

Global leader in temperature-controlled logistics solutions, Lineage Logistics company, announced its latest acquisition of Preferred Freezer Services. The acquisition will support company efforts to raise the bar

The freight transportation industry is traditionally not overwhelmed by the peak holiday shipping pandemonium recently experienced by some prominent logistics providers, but for integrated providers offering

A Master Rental Agreement between Turkish Airlines and DoKaSch Temperature Solutions will provide support for Turkish Airlines leading efforts in transporting temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and

Lineage Logistics is proud to announce recognition from Fast Company as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019. The company – known for its

There is one elegant formula in the materials: “fail to plan = plan to fail”, which is understood as “not to plan anything, it means to plan the failure”. No one starts a business without

Automation and Communication

Infographic from Global Trade services company, Vigilant, identifies effects, solutions, and tips on avoiding challenges with bottlenecks in the supply chain. The company took a holistic


In response to the recent proposed 25 percent auto tariffs on imports in the name of national security, LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza released a lengthy

There comes a time when you need to make a sensible decision. It happens to almost everyone. A film director wants to have the best people

It seems the aspirations of the pro-Brexit camp have been put in a rather uncomfortable place, which may restrict the degree to which the UK can


Logistics providers B&H Worldwide and Compass Forwarding have joined efforts to expand each company’s global reach through the initiation and signing of a M.O.U., according to an

When Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk was attacked by the NotPetya malware in 2017, access to its electronic booking systems was blocked and ultimately forced a

Two new promotional offices representing Port Manatee’s International Trade Hub have been opened in the Latin America and European regions, according to a release from the

RIISE, a brand new platform based on recorded trends seen with Dubai Customs, is the latest and greatest customs management platform that not only increases transparency,

In an effort to prevent and possibly delay the forecasted 25 percent tariff on imported cars, Americans for Prosperity’s President Tim Phillips stresses the negative impacts

What an exciting year 2018 was in logistics and transportation management! Many companies started to reach beyond traditional strategies and approaches to take their logistics and

When thinking of logistics leaders, some might not automatically think of the female representation and the impact on the logistics and supply chain sector as a

Leading international express services provider, DHL, announced the addition of electronic delivery vans to its alternative fuel vehicle fleet to support company goals to reduce emissions. By

For the second time in a row, Ethiopian Airlines earned the gold prize during the Customers Annual Meeting. This award recognizes the airline as the top performing

On Jan. 24, when the government shutdown was on its 34th day with no end in sight, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said on CNBC’s

President Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 31 that will push for federal dollars spent on infrastructure projects to be put toward American companies. Before

My, how things can change drastically within two months before they snap back to what they were in the first place. Sorta. We think. First, you

Privately held pork and poultry producer and handler, Prestage Foods, announced the selection and implementation of E2open’s TMS  platform, Cloud Logistics,  to support operations at the

Global connectedness reached all-time high numbers in 2017 as a direct result of a substantial increase in, “flows of trade, capital, information and people across national

Time management used to be a much simpler challenge for businesses. Staff were given a schedule, they appeared, put a card in a clock then did

In an effort to support fastidious implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a group consisting of trade associations, businesses, and other advocacy groups joined forces to create what

Calling all industrial, transit and protective packaging  professionals for North America’s only trade event solely dedicated to networking and showcasing packaging solutions: Industrial Pack 2019.
This year’s two-day

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to outsourced ULD management partner, Jettainer, during this year’s Oman Air Cargo Awards ceremony. The annual event, which took place on

In 2002, Wendy Buxton began her career as the chief information officer for LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, moving her way up to her current position as

Brazil-based medical technology firm Invel has announced plans to move its global headquarters to Lake Nona’s Medical City of the Orlando, Florida region. The firm, which

More than 300 guests joined in celebrating record-breaking numbers and this year’s winners during the 12th annual awards ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. Both new and established

Do you have an interest in the transportation and logistics industry? Maybe you’ve always been drawn to trucking or shipping but don’t know how to put

The IMF economic outlook presents a picture of what to expect from each economy or region annually. For Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in 2019, a GDP growth

Leading global logistics provider, Dachser, released information this week for industry players on how to prepare for Carnival – known as the Brazil’s lengthiest and most important

Global temperature controlled packaging company, Peli Biothermal, announced next steps in its global expansion efforts with the opening of the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia drop point. The announcement

Growing pains aren’t just for new businesses. As any experienced business leader will tell you, even a well-established business will run up against its share of

In a recent announcement from the Containerization & Intermodal Institute, Lisa Aurichio was confirmed as its new executive director, following in the footsteps of her predecessor,

Westerville, Ohio-based DHL Supply Chain, a leader in contract logistics in the Americas and a part of the Bonn, Germany-based Deutsche Post DHL Group, issued a

Many might recall the June 2018 Air Cargo Advance Screening Program mandating foreign shipments to be subject to providing a laundry list of pre-arrival cargo data

Contract logistics market leader DHL Supply Chain received multi-faceted recognition from the Top Employers Institute including praise for their outstanding human resources policy and taking the

Rail connections that provide transport alternatives will ultimately be the first choice for customers seeking reliable options as well as opportunity. Customers value flexibility and more

In response to HMRC’s Transitional Simplified Procedures  for Customs in a post-Brexit environment, BIFA General Director Robert Keen released the following comments stating his concern of the

Roughly 50,000 tons of cement manufacturing material was successfully received at Port Mantee’s new terminal operator, Carver Maritime Manatee LLC this past week. The shipment marks the

From automation to careful planning, implementing a successful logistics strategy goes beyond simply choosing the next big name in technology platforms. When done the right way,

Barbara Yeninas started her career as a maritime journalist, covering stories in the midst of the most historic moments in feminist history. For example, the day

Alacrita consulting released an infographic detailing insight from  leaders in the pharma and biotech industries and what their predictions are for a post-Brexit market. Survey results

The Port of Seattle is pushing to make Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the nation’s first airport heated entirely by renewable natural gas. The port recently announced a

International supply chain and logistics company, Tigers, continues furthering its global presence through the designation of four new sales representatives. The new sales team will cover

From May 28-30, US and Latin American apparel industry professionals — from buyers to sellers throughout the B2B and B2C supply chain — will converge at the Mana Wynwood

Leading shipping liner, ZIM confirmed moving forward in a partnership with Avantida in an effort to offer street turn services in the United States, placing them as

Starting this summer, American Airlines will offer a new nonstop flight from Dublin to Dallas Fort Worth, directly connecting the two for the first time in

Winnsboro, Texas-based Team Worldwide, which bills itself as “a global yet locally-minded freight forwarder and 3PL company,” in January proudly celebrated is its 40th anniversary in

From automation to careful planning, implementing a successful logistics strategy goes beyond simply choosing the next big name in technology platforms. When done the right way,

The forgotten gem of the Midwest. For those who have been to or are from Chicago, the Windy City holds a special place in their hearts.

Nippon Cargo Airlines confirmed this week the implementation of the Descartes Air Cargo Advance Screening Program to support efforts towards compliance for air cargo imports to the

The beginning of 2019 is proving to be more than kind to South Carolina Ports Authority. The company confirmed January 2019 to be the strongest January

Container ship emissions and fuel regulations must also be considered when selecting the best option in digitization. Effective January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

History imparts many lessons, and among them are that all good things come to an end. In the early stages of 2019, all signs are pointing

During the annual “State of the Port” address at the Long Beach Convention Center in January, Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero said cargo

Peli Biothermal makes the news again with the recent announcement confirming the Los Angeles-based network station this week. The purpose of the new location is to

South Carolina Ports Authority highlights employee wellness focus during this week’s dedication of the new headquarters building at the Wando Welch Terminal. The building boasts consists

The American Trucking Association selected Old Dominion Freight Linehaul driver, Bill Goins to join “America’s Road Team” consisting of a carefully selected group of drivers demonstrating

Recently, Avantida announced Maersk’s implementation offering Container Triangulation for the Canadian and U.S. platforms, enabling communication between dispatchers and planners almost instantly. The process of automation

Integrating business operations with the best on-dock rail connections is critical to the continuation of trade and transport. In leveraging these connections, roadblocks are eliminated for

Last year got off to an energetic start. It’s been a year now and how memories can fade, but economic growth worldwide was intensifying in January,

Selling weapons to other countries is big business. It’s so lucrative that President Trump famously refused to cancel an American arms deal with Saudi Arabia in

Ocean logistics in 2019 are demanding advanced, comprehensive and reliable information to cohesively support logistics needs, especially in an era when technology solutions are becoming the

Joan Smemoe brings a fresh approach to breaking the barriers for women’s success in the fields of technology, rail, software development, and computer science engineering. Smemoe

A recent report from UK’s Dynamic EMS highlights the ups and downs within the supply chain and component manufacturing during 2018. From consistent acquisitions and mergers

Global leader in temperature controlled packaging, Peli Biothermal will join distributor partner, Cold Chain Packing in exhibiting shipper solutions at Arab Health in Dubai to support Middle Eastern

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) released the name of this year’s winner for the Apprentice of the Year category during the annual Freight Service Awards competition

Fishing boat innovation and manufacturing leader, Lund Boats, took home the second award for innovation, this time for its Lund Adventure 1675 and 1775 models. The Lund

In an effort to proactively leverage a growing market opportunity, Build Your Dreams, a global leader in battery-electric vehicles, confirmed the appointment of two additional sales associates to

Friday marked day one for Old Dominion Freight Line‘s journey to support and assist this year’s Spring Training send-offs by delivering team exercise equipment, baseball bats and

American Airlines Cargo released an announcement confirming record-breaking numbers for 2018 across multiple initiatives including performance, revenue, and Flown As Booked (FAB) numbers. Records were made

Following the devastation left behind from super typhoon Yutu in the Saipan region, Ukrainian-based ANTONOV Airlines teamed up with Air Partner Plc to provide reconstruction support by transporting supplies,

As we approach the second month of 2019, global maritime industry experts continue to stress the importance of proactive preparations for the IMO’s 2020 global 0.5%

The ports of South Carolina handled increased volume of export cargo and import cargo in international trade in multiple categories.

Registration is now open for AntwerpXL – the latest and greatest show featuring logistics for RoRo, cargoes, and heavy lift, taking place in Belgium, in association with the

Softbox, a temperature control packaging provider, confirmed three new cold chain shipping solutions scheduled to be revealed at this year’s Temperature Controlled Logistics IQPC in London.
“We’re very

In an effort to support globally compliant shipping of dangerous goods while advocating for safety within the global supply chain, Labelmaster has entered into a strategic

US manufactures are concerned about finding qualified personnel to make products that end up as shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

While some industry players are stumped on how to recruit and retain young talent, CNC Machinery takes an educational approach by asking scholarship applicants to explain

Budapest Airport reported record-breaking cargo numbers exceeding its substantial 2017 record numbers and confirming consistent double-digit growth for the last three years, according to a release

Following its very first shipment of Ford vehicle exports, the Port of Wilmington leveraged the capabilities of the specialized RoRo vessel, Alliance St. Louis, operated by

Beyond proactivity and preparation, global ports focus on redefining infrastructure while evaluating opportunities for significant increases in cargo intake. But what about the ports that aren’t

Manual methods are becoming a thing of the past for poultry farmers implementing the CapTemp Farming Solution which provides farmers asset analytics that support impressive stock

In an effort to support the implementation of corporate strategies, Sophean, a leader in Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solutions, announced the release of updated version of Accolade®

Los Angeles battery technology and global green transport company, Build Your Dreams, has been formally recognized by Bloomberg for its substantial amount of executive female representation in

Supply chain management trends come in all shapes and sizes, varying from year to year. What might work one year could potentially disrupt operations the next

In the theme of best practices, APL Logistics goes above and beyond  to improve operations while increasing fuel efficiencies in its daily road transport operations. The Green

New technologies that help with shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Phase one of the newly upgraded Hermes 5 (H5) Cargo Management System (CMS), following the anticipated mid-2019 completion of the the updated version specifically customized for

Air cargo exports are now being processed faster and more efficiently following the investment of new screening technology for Tigers Australia Perth facility. This technology enables

Farmers and buyers are now provided streamlined visibility for their deals through the new blockchain platform, Grain Discovery. As a result of the start-up technology, the

As per a recent industry report put forward by Global Market insights Inc. , Marine Lubricants Market is forecast to register its name in the billion-dollar

Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace, and artificial intelligence is no exception. Today, artificial intelligence is being deployed in our cars, computers and social media

Trucker Tools’ carrier management and shipment tracking software services has been officially selected by Schneider Transportation Management to provide additional support one of the industry’s largest freight brokerage operations.

Findings from an impact assessment from France show the potential for a decrease in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels up to 76% through the implementation of an Emissions

The most recent response from Director General of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), Robert Keen, makes a clear indication  the decision made  by the UK Parliament to

Trade negotiations between the United States and the European Union are likely to get off to a bad start. On July 25 of last year, President

Flow Water’s team of marine engineers has created an innovative and cost effective solution designed specifically for shippers. FlowSafe, an eco-friendly, offset CO2 neutral ballast water management

In an effort to create the nation’s first airport heated entirely by renewable natural gas, the Port of Seattle announced last week’s Request for Proposals to support

GTZcommand – known as “The ultimate control tower for real-time freight management,” is the latest and greatest TMS creation from leading technology and third-party logistics solutions company, GlobalTranz

Global Economics Prospects predicts a two-year plateau in overall global growth starting in 2019. That doesn’t mean economic development opportunities are not still very much alive

U.S. ports continue to make leaps and bounds within the trade sector, increasing overall twenty-foot equivalent units while breaking new ground and records, as seen this

Robert Matute and Peter Hale are the newest names to join the Build Your Dreams Lancaster, California manufacturing team, according to an announcement from the battery

DHL Supply Chain’s newly implemented strategy to improve hiring and retention of warehouse workers for the company’s network has yielded substantial results including approximately 445 daily applications

This year’s 12th annual Hactl-hosted International Forklift and Pallet Building Competition comprised of nine teams who traveled internationally to compete at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 facility in Hong

Leading provider of transportation management services company Transplace, confirmed Jim French will take the role as Chief Technology Officer. French will lead company initiatives involving  IT infrastructure

Over the past several years, the leaders of America’s 55 states, territories, and commonwealths have taken more prominent roles on the world stage. State Governors have

In terms of global trade, industry players tend to default to expressing concerns over the unpredictable trade tariffs under the Donald Trump administration. It goes without

Cooperation between different customs departments and good planning have led to thwarting an attempt to smuggle large number of Captagon pills at Jebel Ali & Tecom

In a recent report from UNCTAD highlighting recent trends in the global trade economy, key findings confirm the expansion of creative goods with export growth rates exceeding

Each year, the automotive business sector provides dozens of learning and networking opportunities through industry-related conferences and expos. The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is no exception when

Trade Technologies, a global leader in foreign trade documentation software solutions, announced the opening of the second European branch office in Stuttgart, Germany. Trade Technologies currently

Two important elements of U.S. law that protect internet intermediaries are reflected in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA, signed November 30, 2018).  Under the first element,

For years, third party fulfillment warehouses have been viewed as simply ‘warehousing and shipping centers’, tasked with the straightforward duty of making sure customer orders are

Toronto-based Georgian Partners and Montreal-based Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (la Caisse) confirmed a $45 million in financing was granted to Montreal-based tech startup TrackTik

Thanks to the company’s ongoing success in 2018, full-service materials handling equipment and warehouse products distributor Tri-Lift NC was awarded Most Valuable Partner Award for 2018 by

What an exciting year 2018 was in logistics and transportation management! Many companies started to reach beyond traditional strategies and approaches to take their logistics and

Leading Neopost company in logistics software and supply chain solutions, ProShip, confirmed its partnership with Labelmaster in an effort to maintain compliance and safety measures by

Temperature controlled packaging company Peli Biothermal announced the continuation of global expansion efforts under new leadership from  Dominic Hyde, VP of a high performance, cost effective

President Trump’s imposition of additional tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum dominated global trade news headlines for most of 2018 and caught many manufacturers off

Medical Design & Manufacturing West Expo features technologies, education and connections to stay ahead in the global medical manufacturing industry. More than 1,900 cutting-edge suppliers attend

Subtitled “The Place to Do Business,” this year’s Air Cargo Conference packs sessions covering management challenges and solutions, technology, regulatory agency updates and more for airports,

Increasing growth in Europe and India is the primary driver behind recent leadership changes for the global innovation and provider of temperature control packaging for life

Less than a year after becoming President for the Economic Policy Institute, Thea Lee was appointed to the U.S. – China Economic Security Review Commission at

Tyson Foods announced Transplace, a leading transportation management services and logistics technology solutions company, earned the company’s annual “3PL Provider of the Year” recognition.
“Transplace has been a

South Carolina Ports Authority continues agricultural export growth initiatives with the newly opened C&M Hog Farm’s transload facility that will handle soybeans and other local products to

BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions and leading international transport and logistics insurer TT Club recently launched their first joint 2018 Semi-Annual Global Cargo Theft Intelligence

The UK’s leading warehouse and logistics expert, Core Management Logistics, hosted a customer-focused education forum surrounding potential impacts and risks to come from the current Brexit

“We think the market is missing the risk Amazon Air poses to UPS/FDX growth,” say researchers at Morgan Stanley. “Our work with AlphaWise shapes our analysis

Global experts prepare to gather Feb. 19-20 in The Netherlands to discuss the threat of cyber security to rail and tips on managing and mitigating risks

Global Marine Emission Control System Market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $5 billion to over $14 billion by 2024;

One of the many trends to keep an eye open for in 2019 is an increase and universal adoption of advanced Inventory Management Systems for supply

The GLOBALG.A.P. Summit 2018 that took place Nov. 5-7 in Lima, Peru, marked the first time the event was held in the Americas. That was by

Starting January 10, Schweizerzug will increase rail services from Frenkendorf and the Port of Antwerp from two to three weekly roundtrips in an effort to alleviate capacity

The owners of Los Angeles-based import and export textiles company, Pacific Eurotex, were sentenced to federal prison time and hefty liabilities on December 18, 2018 for

America will always be a financial powerhouse, but how much of their financial strength is due to being one of the top exporting countries of the

Director of Dubai Customs, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih revealed they have thwarted 922 smuggling attempts including 355 drug contrabands (38.5%) from January to the end of September

Washington state’s Port of Vancouver on Nov. 8 welcomed the maiden voyage of Monoceros Leader, a 656-foot-long, 19,159-metric ton, Pure Car Carrier (PCC) built in Japan.

The Foxconn Technology Group’s $10 billion manufacturing campus project in Wisconsin has been named the 2018 Economic Impact Deal of the Year by the Mid-America Economic

Worldwide shipping leader CMA CGM Group and the world’s online freight marketplace Freightos recently signed an ambitious pilot agreement whereby CMA CGM became the first ocean

California is a big state, one of the biggest, actually, with its 163,696 square miles making it the third largest in the United States in terms

Join C-suite speakers at the 17th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum, also known as the “largest temperature controlled life science supply chain event” from February 26-March 1

Keeping a promise that he made during the 2016 presidential campaign, President Donald Trump continues to pick trade fights around the globe by imposing billions of

What do a U.S. manufacturer, a Swedish retailer and a South African pharmacy chain all share in common? Hillenbrand (U.S.), ICA Group (Sweden) and Dischem Pharmacies

In post WWII Japan, Toyota developed a revolutionary production process now known as lean manufacturing. This highly successful method for reducing waste, improving flow, and increasing

Join stakeholders in import, export, and domestic supply chains for the 2019 Cargo Logistics Canada Conference and Expo from February 5th – 7th at the Vancouver

T-minus two weeks until the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Winter Meeting kicks-off in Lombard, IL., featuring keynote speakers and industry experts speaking on topics related

Contracts formed by the acquisition of two 19,400 TEU vessels  are projected to increase Ship Finance International Ltd.’s fixed rate charter backlog by an estimated $470

At the core of every successful business is a well-oiled logistics machine ensuring operational efficiencies, product accuracy and maximizing business at every turn. It’s the blueprint

The season’s shipment of Chilean winter fruit arrived at the Port of Wilmington post-holiday on December 27. The shipment, brought by a refrigerated vessel known as the

As 2019 planning takes shape, consider your company warehousing needs beyond the numbers and take a hard look at the logistics structure from the last year.

X2 Logistics Networks’ sixth annual conference includes massive networking, the always spectacular Gala Dinner, a pool-side cocktail reception at the “X2 Beach House” and a mysterious

New Years Eve 2018 is upon us and while some are celebrating, others are wondering what it will take to create stronger, competitive results for the

Georgia Ports Authority brings together senior-level shippers, maritime executives, senior managers and decision-makers who discuss current and future market conditions and growth opportunities at the annual

Join leading freight logistics, transportation, shippers and shipping professionals during the 2019 Transportation Summit at the Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio, Texas from January 21-23.

Deepwater ports continue to make leaps and bounds within the trade sector, increasing overall twenty-foot equivalent units while breaking new ground and records, as seen this

If you haven’t already heard, this year’s Retail CEO Forum anticipates another stellar turnout leaving executives feeling confident to take on 2019 with a fresh look

Increased automation efforts provided by MyEasyISO QHSE software has improved overall compliance for a plastic manufacturing company. The company’s name has not been revealed but confirmed

The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement were approved earlier this month, highlighting for the first time details surrounding the Paris climate

This year’s Intra-African Trade Fair proved hopeful for the future of the African trade sector, according to feedback from the South African companies that participated in

BR Williams is the latest company to receive the Certified Transportation Broker certification from the Transportation Intermediaries Association. The certification is a game changer for 3PL.

A Netherlands-based blockchain startup company is changing the course of data sharing, certification access, as well as product and material oversight. Circularise offers a communication system

It’s the holiday season and consumer demands are keeping small and large retailers up at night. For smaller retailers, the concern is how to keep up

Safe Ports Holdings, a woman-led logistics and inland ports-focused company, announced the appointment of His Highness Sheikh Khalid Al Hamed to lead operations and efforts to support

While many companies are determining what tips and tricks would benefit them for 2019, your company can implement improved practices to eliminate wasted resources and redundant

Industry issues such as leadership, ethics, worker well-being, job creation, local community support, customer treatment and environmental impact are some examples of what “JUST 100” annual list

As part of UPS’s On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION), delivery drivers will now have increased navigation visibility through the newly implemented UPSNav. This tool not

Women’s increasing involvement in the trucking industry reveals the diversification and opportunities available beyond a traditional employee model. The Women in Trucking Association’s publication Redefining the Road

Captain Robert Hughes will officially take the role as Chief Operations Officer for Genco Shipping & Trading Limited as of January 22, 2019, according to a release

China’s largest social commerce platform, Taobao Marketplace, and Bilibili, a leading online entertainment platform, confirmed a business collaboration to focus on, “content-driven e-commerce and commercialization of

A.P. Moller-Maersk makes its latest move through improvements related to the Asia-Europe network, specifically improving efforts for cargo delivery and scheduling between the regions, according to

Amazon will officially have a presence in Mississippi after the opening of a 554,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Marshall County which is projected to create over 800

Austria is the latest country to step up and contribute to support developing and least-developed countries (LDCs) and thier participation in global trade efforts. A total

A formal eTrade Assessment Agreement has been signed between the UNCTAD and the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, according to a release from both parties last

Cargo theft statistics reported for the third quarter prove a substantial decrease compared to earlier reports that showed an increase for the second quarter, according to

Charleston Waterkeeper, Greenville Tech Foundation, Kids on Point, Lowcountry Maritime Society,  and SC Future Makers are a few of the recipients of the 2018 donation from

An increased need for export services in Ethiopia has resulted in a strategic logistics and freight forward partnership between APL Logistics, Ltd. and Champion Shipping PLC. 

After a little more than a month from its original opening, the Transportation Security Administration announced the first certified third-party canine unit kicked off air cargo

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport’s new freight routes that connect Europe to China this month have showed significant growth for the airport, according to a release from the company

America’s newest brain health supplement may come in a small capsule, but according to scientific studies, its benefits could be huge. Sophrosyne, a first-of-its-kind breakthrough product

Global shipping company UPS offers three strategic tips to remember when re-evaluating changes and improvements needed for warehouse and distribution efforts. The first is to “Break

A recent report from CB Insights provides critical information on 2019 trends within the retail sector that industry players should keep into consideration as they finalize

The US Government announced higher tariffs on certain goods imported from China in May 2018. One of the stated objectives was to assist the aluminum and

More than twenty years ago, Ross Perot warned that removing trade barriers with Mexico would create a “giant sucking sound,” as jobs left the United States

Port of Wilmington in Delaware received record-breaking volumes of a single shipment of Moroccan Citrus from Agadir, Morocco last week with more than 1.75 million boxes of

Global temperature controlled packaging company Peli BioThermal confirmed Lynaye Reynolds – who has an impressive background pertaining to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, as the new

Europe’s fourth largest air cargo hub, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol teams up with the Holland Flower Alliance to support efforts surrounding the Ideal Flowerbox initiative. The goal of

OmniTRAX and Georgia-Pacific are partnering up in an effort to increase railway transportation efficiencies for OmniTRAX’s new plant based in Albany, GA starting in 2019 upon

Build Your Dreams, which announced increasing efforts for lowered emissions in the coming years earlier last week, shows approval and appreciation to the Transportation and Climate Initiative

UNCTAD’s B2C E-commerce index for 2018 confirms The Netherlands as the most prepared country in the world for e-commerce with Singapore and Switzerland in second and

Just in time for the season of giving and hope, President Donald Trump approves another round of mitigation payments this week to assist farmers feeling the

A report released from Upstream Security estimates the automotive industry is at risk for losing $24 billion within five years all due to cyber hacks. The

Amazon’s air needs will soon be supported by DFW’s very own Fort Worth Alliance Airport, pending the completion of construction that kicked off for the new

Increased direct freighter and belly cargo routes are just a couple of the initiatives of the soon-to-be implemented strategy for Budapest Airport, according to a release

The recent imposition of a value-added tax (VAT) by the UAE raised concerns amongst global traders that the Gulf country was moving away from its traditional

People often think that sanctions regulations are really for the financial sector. After all, they are referred to as “financial sanctions” as often, if not more

With 40 years of industry experience in the international shipping sector, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Hamburg Süd North America Michael Wilson was awarded with

The California Air Resources Board has officially adopted the Innovative Clean Transit regulation that requires  the implementation of a zero-emissions transit system to be in effect

Warehouse innovation is on the 2019 horizon and will make a significant mark in the warehousing logistics sector. In an article titled, “Taking a Look into

Beyond proactivity and preparation, global ports focus on redefining infrastructure while evaluating opportunities for significant increases in cargo intake. But what about the ports that aren’t

Trade might come at cheaper rates for countries conducting  business in the regions of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda, according to

As 2019 quickly approaches, changes in leadership for DACHSER Intelligent Logistics are already in the works for the new year. Previously the Head of Sales for

Infosys Consulting released the 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study this year, proving key insights and trends to keep a watch for in 2019. Of the insights,

In June 2018, Colombian voters made Ivan Duque, an ambitious populist conservative, their next president, garnering 54 percent of the vote. The country’s future—and its attractiveness

Keeping the books clean requires visibility and awareness of dollars coming and going out. Once again, in the theme of digital solutions, if you want that

Port trends for 2019 are already taking shape as the industry continues to see increased joint ventures and tandem efforts for mutual visions combined with record-breaking

Invoicing and payments fraud can take a variety of forms: invoices from fictitious companies, invoices for products that were never delivered, for unusually high amounts, or

As an increasing number of business and consumer products are now being sourced globally, supply-chain visibility management has become an undeniably vital tool for any business

Diabetes is a growing concern world-wide with studies showing some 425 million adults have diabetes globally and that number is expected to reach 629 million by

Autonomous vehicles and trains are no longer figments of one’s imagination. Innovators such as Tesla have proven that we have the technology available today to build

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is known for its contrasting mountain ranges and white sand beaches. Visited by celebrities and thousands of travelers

Ecuador currently ranks 60th out of 84 countries evaluated for illicit trade prevention or enabling according to the Global Illicit Trade Environment index, serving as a primary location

Beginning in early October, American Airlines has been diligently transporting over 10 tonnes of sweet chestnuts from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to JFK each day to prepare

This week kicks off the First African Forum for National Trade Facilitation  event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia focusing on international trade efforts. According to UNCTAD, the

GateHouse Logistics Company released information this week predicting changes to come for 2019 supply chain logistics in the form of increased automation and freight data usage,

Companies live in a world now where a tweet about tariffs and trade wars can rattle markets, prompt uncertainty, and question whether supply chains and global

Leading global time management expert HMS Software – publishers of the TimeControl timesheet system – has announced the release of TimeControl version 7.4.1, a first-of-its-kind system

Old Dominion Freight Line was announced Sunday as the top national LTL carrier for quality in the 14th annual MASTIO Quality Award survey. This marks the

When people hear the term “joint venture” a series of images and business operations come to mind, but in the trade industry, it’s a game changer.

GTA Air Solutions and Chapman Freeborn’s recent partnership will enable Canadian customers and their international access within the charter solutions sector while strengthening global efforts for

Connecticut shipping company Eagle Bulk continues moving forward to meet its anticipated January 2020 completion date for the installation of fleet scrubbers. The initiative, which was

A recent Memorandum of Understanding signed between COSCO Shipping Ports and terminal operator PSA will increase strategy efforts, ultimately supporting the development of two new berths

As digitization and technology solutions continue to be the focus for trade experts, IT Solutions company CyberLogitec announced the creation and launching of their new blockchain

Team Worldwide, a leader in 3PL and global freight forwarder, announced this week expansion efforts for the company’s Seattle branch, “Team Seattle.”
“The opening of Team Seattle

The United Arab Emirates is the latest region of focus in the fight against illicit trade after the The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) asked

In an effort to continue leveraging the major port’s prior successes, the UK Major Ports Group composed and implemented a five-point plan this week during the

Quick International Courier, known for its global role as a leader in time-intensive transportation and logistics in addition to generating 200 million annual net revenue, is

Maritime safety and ensuring minimal risk impact is a topic that isn’t discussed enough. Human error is unpredictable, and until shippers evolve into a fully digitally

In the age of Amazon-inspired standards and expectations, everything moves faster while changing just as quickly. In an evergreen market, the main key to success stems

As demand for security services grows globally – with the size of the industry projected to increase six per cent annually over the next few years,

Serial entrepreneur Jason Prescott believes in the future of Miami – so much so, that the Los Angeles native packed up his family last year and

Seldom mentioned, but nonetheless addressed, it is clear that the Hong Kong trade market along with markets around the world are not letting the current trade

During this year’s eighth annual Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong, one of the most common themes discussed was the impact, success to-date and

The Western logistics company hosted the “Groundbreaking Ceremony” to commemorate the implementation of the planned facility which will serve as a centralized resource for the companies

Significant increases recorded for Budapest Airport this week in regards to overall trucked and flown freight. There was a 22.9 percent increase from the same time