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Currency, of course, is the oxygen of any financial ecosystem. And there again India’s rapid development and growth have the country gagging, especially

We’ve written lots of stories about how growth in a particular industry will many times fuel improvements in the methods that industry uses to ship its

When it comes to software designed to streamline supply chains, there’s old global trade management, and then there’s the new.
The old school global trade management (GTM)

It’s been said that New York City is America’s business capital, but now that President-elect Trump is heading to the White House, look for that moniker

Some people who have worked hard their entire life retreat to the golf course or get themselves a little beach cottage and park themselves on the

With the new year fast approaching and bringing with it the Trump era, global traders have much to consider while preparing for changes in 2017 and

Are you thinking about operating your own warehouse? If you’re new to exporting that’s probably not the best idea. But keep that thought in mind for

When it comes to carriers, the drayage industry tends to run a little differently. The majority of drayage carriers are actually contracted owner/operators rather than employees.

In mid-September, Schneider National announced that it had obtained the green light for streamlined Customs clearance for select commodities moving to Mexico at Kansas City Southern

It was the classic shipper’s nightmare of an overseas shipment gone wrong. Albert Saphir, president of logistics consulting and training firm ABS Consulting, recalls the case

Here’s one way to get your 3PL to provide a service you need: Ask.
Third-party logistics providers will tell you that the development of many of their

What are the reasons to continue your education in supply-chain management?
If you’re the chief executive, what reasons might you have to support employees interested in

It’s a great time to be an exporter. The recent American Express Grow Global Survey found that 80 percent of U.S. businesses with $250,000 to $1

To understand what goes into making Combustion Associates Inc. the “poster child” for small companies that export in a big way, how they went from outsider

When wealthy Dutch burghers sat down to sumptuous feasts, they took great pride in the sophisticated and lavish decorations that appointed their dining rooms. They were

APL Logistics Ltd. announced in August the setup of APL Logistics Oman, a new joint venture company with Arab Global Logistics LLC in Oman. The new

Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit in New York City, had to take currency fluctuations into account when striking a deal with an Australian firm to license

Air cargo is the obvious transportation option if you need to get something somewhere fast. If you have a shipment that needs to be in Europe

Albert Saphir, principal of ABS Consulting, was contacted not long ago to help with an international sourcing effort that could serve as an illustration on how

Air cargo trade group expects more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Over the years, we here at Global Trade have gone out of our way to remind small, or smaller, business owners who believe the global marketplace

Population: 559,121 | Unemployment: 6.4 percent | Population Growth Since 2000: 448,607 to 559,121
City business officials say they are going to push to turn

Population: 827,097 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Project: Tryon Place, Stonewall Corridor
It’s hard to keep up with what’s going up in Charlotte, both in

Population: 132,609 | Unemployment: 4.9 percent | Top University: College of Charleston
Little more than two years ago, the Milken Institute ranked the Charleston region

Population: 198,645 | Unemployment: 2.8 percent | Key Infrastructure: BNSF Railway Complex

Besides a busy freight train complex—BNSF alone serves more than 100 trains a day—and

Population: 88,512 | Unemployment: 4.1 percent | Fortune 500 Companies: 0
From 1960 to well into the ’90s, Asheville’s population hovered around 60,000 but grew

Population: 258,071 | Unemployment: 4.5 percent | Closest Port: Port of Buffalo
Though Buffalo shipped a respectable amount of exports last year ($4.8 billion),

Population: 463,878 | Unemployment: 5.3 percent | Median Home Price: $200,900
Atlanta has reasserted itself as a destination for professionals—its population grew 10 percent in

Population: 212,461 | Unemployment: 6.0 percent | Population Growth Since 2010: 0.1 percent
The former steel center of the South was forced to remodel its economic

Population: 98,469 | Unemployment: 3.9 percent | Leading Industries: Healthcare, Technology
Albany’s Tech Valley has become something of a magnet for top talent. Started in

Population: 931,830 | Unemployment: 2.9 percent | Sales Tax: 8.25 percent

The energy and independent spirit that first brought Austin to national prominence for its music/film/art

Optimizing freight in a domestic supply chain is a science that has been evolving for the past 20 years. Beyond truckload moves or your grandfather’s streamlined

The American railroad industry has a storied history, given the important role railroads played in the industrial development of the country. Exporters who ship their products

Every schoolchild knows Columbus was looking for India when he stumbled upon the Americas. But the Portuguese actually reached India by sea in the 1490s. And

A lot of nerves were frayed in February and March last year, as cargo piled up at West Coast ports owing to the standoff between labor

Yusen Logistics says it significantly strengthened its logistics presence in Duisburg, Germany, in June by acquiring a new warehouse and expanding its storage capacity by nearly

This election, same as all previous elections, is the “most important in history.” Maybe that’s true this time. The inheritance likely awaiting either Donald Trump or

Many exporters get so excited about winning new business overseas that they forget about the potential risks. The hazards they overlook may include business perils like

A few years ago, Whirlpool Corp. made a push to get extended payment terms from its vendor base. Instead of the prevailing 60-day terms, the Michigan-based

Everything about The Beast was big—from its more than 70,000-pound heft, to a 60 tooth cutter mill capable of grinding 800 yards of stumps and whole

For the fourth year, we present you with 105 of America’s Leading 3PLs, a compilation of service providers in needs-based categories that we hope will guide

You know, there are a lot of similarities between beer and ice cream. One’s a delicious treat on a hot day that can nevertheless prove harmful

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

Quick—what were the largest ships in the pre-industrial world? Not the Spanish galleons that brought New World silver across the Atlantic; and not the British men

What does it mean to be a thought leader? The term has become common corporate-speak for just about anything involving advice on how to do business,

As exporters, the readers of Global Trade are stewards of businesses that grow faster than those concerned only with the domestic market. That growth, and the

The 1960s—considered the “golden age of air travel”—may be long gone, but the 25 carriers below are bringing glamour back to the international skies. Whether you’re

Picking a port isn’t as simple as going to the closest option. Sure, some ports can do it all, but many specialize in certain types of

Industry events may seem to have become a form of collective memento mori for logistics professionals these days, as logistics conferences often contain at least one

cranes baltimore

Service with Mediterranean Shipping Company Includes Asia-Panama Canal and U.S.-Suez Canal Rotation
Maryland’s Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore has been added to an existing international container

With an estimated CAGR of 18.6% during the projected period, the IoT device management market share is expected to reach US$ 39.6 billion by 2032, finds a recent


The press is full of stories of Apple diversifying its supply chain by moving some production from China to Vietnam.
Reports in the Nikkei Asia state that the


Port Milwaukee Director Adam Tindall-Schlicht was recently appointed to the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee (MTSNAC) by U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
The MTSNAC advises the

konecranes xchange model

Strategies for Managing the Impact of Freight Disruption
The last two years have created significant challenges for global supply chains.  As we enter into 2022 we need

semi-truck redwood

The new carbon emissions tracking tool provides shippers visibility into freight emissions and access to verified carbon offsets
Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest-growing supply chain and

recession hike

If you’re looking for a surefire way to begin the day on a sour note, take a look at your 401K. The stock market has taken


Major operator Abu Dhabi Ports Company (AD Ports) has refuted reports of a confirmed agreement with DAL Group to build a new $4 billion Red Sea

manufacturing upgrade

The manufacturing industry has seen significant changes over the last decade due to the fourth industrial revolution. Also known as Industry 4.0, this revolution has been

recession hike

A new confidence has emerged among small business owners despite the idea of a looming recession. This outlook is revealed in the latest Small Business Recovery


On Wednesday, President and Chair of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) Reta Jo Lewis concluded a successful visit to Lisbon, Portugal, where she


The current fluctuating economic trends have impacted year-to-date volumes at the Port of Valencia – but the outlook shows signs of recovery as the port has enjoyed an

key strategy stock photo

Recent upheavals socially and economically have dramatically changed global trade. By 2027, these current trends will have further reshaped how we do business across the globe.

forwarding corridor

Partnership aims to decarbonize U.S.-Asia trade route by 2030
The Port of Long Beach has signed on to the Shanghai-Los Angeles Green Shipping Corridor, a partnership of C40 Cities,


Since 2020, the world’s economy has been facing the largest issue of the last decade, COVID-19. Many companies were and still are struggling with this situation (lockdowns, restrictions,

Environmental debates are not new. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been modifying the natural environment in a plethora of ways. Everything from strip mining


Most warehouse managers have to tackle warehouse overflow at least once in their careers.
For most, this is a cause of headache as finding extra storage space

friedman footprint

Employers Can Thwart the Great Resignation Through Recogition & Career Growth Opportunities
One thing Dan Johnston and Michele Bailey agree on is lack of career growth is

The port

May was the second-busiest month on record for the Port of Long Beach, and its strongest month so far in 2022.
Dockworkers and terminal operators processed 890,989

IA SUN labor Automation Group Highlights Innovative Corrugated Converting Solutions at CCE International

There’s always a better way. It’s a similar refrain, no matter the industry you work in. There are few jobs where you can confidently state, “we

sustainability shanghai U.S

Company decision-makers pursue various strategies to improve sustainability efforts. They might launch employee recycling programs, perform energy audits, or install eco-friendly lights and faucets. Those are

multinational containers activity

Developing countries could lose out on tax revenues due to capacity and legal constraints on the implementation of needed reforms
The proposed introduction of a minimum tax


Using Wiliot’s new Reusable Transport Item (RTI) solution, Israel’s largest retailer becomes the first in the world to create an intelligent farm-to-store supply chain, continuously monitoring


The credit card has come a long way since Forrest and Dorothea Parry invented it in 1960. Forrest was an IBM engineer working on bar code


New Deal Gives Amazon Aggregators Access to New Warehouses & 4 Million Additional Square Feet of Warehouse Space
SEKO Logistics announced a partnership today with ecommerce logistics


As global adoption of IoT grows in scale, size, and penetration, we are progressively seeing new industrial opportunities emerge. Almost everyone is now aware of the


Supply chain management is the whole process that a product or service goes through before reaching the consumer. Depending on the type of business, supply chain


BDP International (BDP, a member of the PSA Group), a leading provider of globally integrated supply chain, transportation and logistics solutions, has announced the launch of


To determine the Top Banks for Global Trade 2022, we devised a points system based on the 2021 rankings of The Banker, which has
engaged in “global


Cyberattacks are on the rise. It’s a natural extension of our collective technological advances. We are as interconnected as ever, which naturally results in immeasurable benefits.

shortage liberal forecast e-commerce brands x

More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic first disrupted the global supply chain, businesses around the world continue to feel the effects of supply chain


Money is a touchy subject for most people. Many people are uncomfortable talking about their financial secrets, let alone taking time to sit down and make


The tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. It offers ample opportunities for those who are skilled in coding, programming,


Flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) recovered to pre-pandemic levels last year, hitting nearly $1.6 trillion but the prospects for this year are grimmer the latest UNCTAD

konecranes xchange model

Average container prices and leasing rates continue to decline in China
Decline in consumer demand for goods not expected to impact change in container prices and rates

South Carolina Ports achieved another record month for containers handled at the Port of Charleston while maintaining fluidity for customers.

May marked the 15th consecutive month of cargo

forwarding corridor

The freight forwarding industry is at something of a crossroads. In the ‘age of disruption,’ shippers need freight forwarders that enable “elastic” operations—the ability to rapidly


The traditional concept of a buyer’s vs seller’s market applies to homes. In a seller’s market, those who want to sell their homes possess increased negotiating


Veteran shipping and logistics journalist and podcaster Mike King is hoping to raise $15,000 for an international seafarers’ welfare charity by hiking 200 miles ‘Sea-to-Sea’ in

semi-truck redwood

Those who drive semi-trucks know the importance of preparing for a breakdown while on the road. While semi truck towing is an option available at your

konecranes xchange model

The South Florida Container (SFCT), located at the Port of Miami, has ordered 12 electric Rubber-Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes from Konecranes.
The terminal, which provides local access to

sustainability shanghai U.S

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) — the unified voice of the seaport industry in the Americas — released the following statement on the appointment

Users of the Airblox marketplace can now access information on global air freight capacity in real time
Aviation fintech pioneer Airblox has launched a live feed of


Geek+ AMRs have allowed Bergler to fully automate picking operations in their highly anticipated logistics center.
Geek+, the global leader in AMR technology, is pleased to announce

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

CargoAi is happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Air Cargo Inc., the oldest and largest network of Air Freight cartage agents providing first and last

key strategy stock photo

The pandemic disrupted global supply chains and shattered supply-demand norms, spurring a new appetite for US exports.
USA-based companies in many verticals have a unique opportunity to

shortage liberal forecast e-commerce brands x

“All Gaul is divided into three parts,” Julius Caesar famously wrote in his account of Rome’s Gallic Wars. Two thousand years later, there is a global


Racking System Enhances New 480,000 sq. ft. Class A Facility in Northeast Market
World Distribution Services (WDS), a leading provider of creative warehouse logistics solutions, has announced


The Port of Rotterdam has scheduled a trial for green hydrogen production at the Sif factory on the Maasvlakte for 2023.
As part of the AmpHytrite project, monopile producer Sif will


We all know how expensive operating a fleet is. If unchecked, the operating costs can shoot up significantly. This can lead to increased expenses and decreased

shortage liberal forecast e-commerce brands x

Supply chain disruptions have become an unfortunate and often inescapable reality for many companies. Virtually every industry has experienced at least some ripple effects as persisting

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

Following the announcement of the launch of the BlueSky Program at the March Executive Summit, we have kicked off the pilot phase of the desktop verification


When a delayed shipment of supplies stalled work on one of California’s largest renewable energy projects and threatened the jobs of 500 unionized construction workers, the


To ensure that the level of security is at an all-time high, airport security experts have been taking drastic measures, including cabin checks and the deployment


The emerging dynamics of US retail inventory may have significant implications for the global logistics market.
Recent numbers from major retailers such as Walmart and Target as


Sharleen and Dennis Martin, owners of Fort Worth- based SEL Supply-Chain Solutions (SELSCS), announced today that they have provided a gift to create an endowment for


The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has welcomed the new CMA CGM Montreal and other eco-friendly vessels to provide extra capacity between Canada and North Europe.
With a length of


The economy and politics are never predictable. Sure, things like gas and wars tend to drive the narrative, but there are always tertiary issues that spring

carport ASCM x

The TRADE X global automotive trading platform and new Lagos facility will connect automotive dealers in the West African nation with suppliers in North America, Europe,

CGM savannah

Georgia Ports will grow capacity by 60% to accommodate increased demand in container trade. The enhancements will bring the Port of Savannah’s annual capacity from 6


The transformative potential of automation has been pushed into the forefront these past two years. It’s been a saving grace for many industries like hospitality and

multinational containers activity

Controlling costs is critical for any energy company. Firms may spend to grow through acquisition, new business development, gain market share, or invest in new opportunities.


For agility and flexibility in today’s complex supply chain environments, you need diverse, collaborative professionals who can make critical decisions and implement new technologies that streamline


Forwarders are ready to digitalize but need to better understand a demonstrated value proposition, Brandon Fried, Executive Director, Airforwarders Association (AfA) told delegates at the CNS Partnership


The fall-off in e-retail activity has been significant and this seems to have left Amazon with too much warehousing space. Several US-based press sources are reporting that Amazon


New port south of St. Louis will serve special cargo vessels designed to cut river transit time in half  
The St. Louis region will become part of

herman innovation inc

According to a recent study from market research firm Graphical Research, the North America Artificial Intelligence in retail market is set to grow from its current

transportation christi

The Port of Corpus Christi experienced double-digit volume growth in the first four months of 2022, establishing new records for tonnage and revenues. Through the end

carport ASCM x

Global Survey Finds Flexibility, Rising Salaries and Narrowing Pay Gap in Supply Chain Careers
The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the global pacesetter of organizational transformation, talent

sustainability shanghai U.S

The Port of Shanghai has almost fully reinstated daily operations, although the ongoing backlog will likely continue to disrupt the supply chain and cause congestion well into the

scudillo natural

Inflation is everywhere
The war in Ukraine will likely pour more gasoline on the already raging inflationary fire, threatening to send the global economy into stagflation. Stagflation


Hurricane Commerce and AEB (International) have agreed a strategic partnership to provide the complete cross-border eCommerce solution.
The two companies will work together to provide efficient, high

machines trax

Trax and project44 executives co-host webinar about creating resiliency to help supply chain leaders prepare for continued supply chain disruptions
Trax Technologies (Trax), the global leader in

emission drive

Dray Alliance today addressed how the issue of “forced dispatch” on the quality of life and safety of contract drivers can be avoided with self-dispatch technology

cranes baltimore

Ashdod Port has taken delivery of five semi-automatic Ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to reduce congestion at its facilities and increase the port’s competitivity in the supply chain.

opendock Loadsmart, a leading freight technology company, today announced the appointments of Tish Whitcraft as chief customer officer

Opendock software upgrade places additional emphasis on improving warehouse efficiency, data insights and driver safety
Loadsmart, a leading freight technology company, announced today that 70,000 carriers have

disruption ichca sel

Fort Worth-based SEL Supply-Chain Solutions (SELSCS) announced today that they have opened their first Canada-based office in Edmonton, Alberta.
The new office is in the Scotia Place


DP World has combined Unifeeder Shortsea with P&O Ferrymasters to offer an enhanced proposition to its European customers.
The agreement will take place with immediate effect and will

disruption ichca sel

So say TT Club and ICHCA which, with the support of TOC Europe, are emphasizing their message by launching an inaugural Safety Village at the upcoming

Grow a Print Reseller Network for your Wholesales Print Business

Don’t have the start-up capital to set up a print shop? Don’t worry. You don’t need to create products to sell them to your customers. You


Logistics giant Pall-Ex Group is driving ahead with its international expansion into the US, as it seeks established trucking partners throughout the state regions.
The palletized distribution


Awery Aviation Software (Awery) CEO Vitaly Smilianets told delegates  the CNS Partnership Conference 2022 that fixed rate booking would not make a comeback in the short term
Fundamental change


It is a fact that drone delivery could change the shipping industry. Here is everything you need to know about drone delivery today!
Shipping strategies rapidly change

costa carriers

Maersk has leapt above COSCO on container liftings in the final quarter of 2021 as numbers return to pre-COVID levels.
According to Alphaliner, the Asian carrier lost 13 per cent


Terminal operators and owners are increasingly looking to increase the size of their quayside container cranes, which presents a series of challenges that must be overcome,


FreightWeekSTL 2022 kicks-off with session highlighting Intramotev’s self-propelled railcar
FreightWeekSTL 2022 kicked off May 23 with Innovation Day, featuring emerging technologies that have the potential to dramatically

innovative blount

$100 million in berth enhancements also completed to enable Blount Island to simultaneously accommodate two post-Panamax container ships.
Federal, state, and local leaders have joined JAXPORT and


COVID-19 and the massive shift to remote work led many companies to change the way they hold meetings. They’ve grown accustomed to using virtual meeting apps,

costa carriers

Ransomware cyber attacks on Costa Rican institutions have activated emergency measures across the shipping industry, as imports and exports have been heavily affected.
Following a decree issued

ban Commerce Restricts the Export of Luxury Goods to Russia and Belarus and to Russian and Belarusian Oligarchs and Malign Actors in Latest Response to Aggression Against Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine war has caused sanctions to be leveled from both sides of the conflict. Sanctions began when Russia increasingly mobilized its military along its border

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

Leading French technology specialist, Wiremind Cargo has launched CargoStack – a comprehensive SaaS Cargo Management System (CMS) suite enabling enhanced air cargo activity steering through AI-driven


New value-added service to the supply chain will offer shippers transit at a lower cost
The collaborative effort to launch the first of its kind patented Container-on-Vessel

american flag and manufacturing industry

The US manufacturing sector owes its standing to Oliver Evans. Not a household name, Mr. Evans built the first automatic flour mill back in 1785. At

CGM savannah

The CMA CGM Group has implemented its new Early Container Return Incentive Program at several of its terminals in the US to accelerate the return of empty


Edge Zero, a Melbourne-based advanced grid management
technology developer, announced the North American launch of its proprietary low voltage (LV) distribution monitoring and control platform FlowzTM at


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is one of the world’s largest container shipping lines. Founded in Naples with headquarters in Geneva, MSC is present in 155 countries

rugby myparcel GEODIS in Americas Joins Diverse Group of Globally Recognized Companies Prioritizing Ethical Leadership and Corporate Integrity

The France 2023 Organizing Committee has announced that GEODIS, a global leading transport and logistics provider, has been appointed as Official Fret Carrier of the tournament.

mts-isac oakland

Port of Oakland cargo volume is down so far in 2022, with the port citing China’s COVID-19 crackdown and its ripple effect on ocean carrier scheduling as

shortage liberal forecast e-commerce brands x

The first to connect the supply chain from shopping cart to doorstep, Extensiv also launches Market Insights to guide organizations through ecommerce demand uncertainty
3PL Central—delivering connected

innovative blount

The Port of Barcelona has launched its latest Innovation Plan, placing emphasis on economic and social growth.
The plan was recently unveiled by Damià Calvet, President of the Port


Car production is no easy task. It is a long and costly procedure, but modern technology is making it easier. In this piece, we are going


Packaging is no longer something that merely protects the item inside. It often helps to engage the consumer through interactivity, offers an eco-friendly feature, or has


Port Everglades, a seaport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, located in Broward County has Launched New Trucker Webcams. Truck drivers coming to Port Everglades will now have

machines trax

The advancement of technology has had a positive impact on jobs and its future. With the technological advances we have seen in recent years, many jobs


Notarc Management Group (NMG) has announced its acquisition and finalisation of plans to complete the Panama Canal Container Port (PCCP).
The project was previously valued at $1.4

friedman footprint

More and more businesses around the world are putting sustainability at the center of their growth strategies, and the logistics industry is no different. This is


The need for uninterrupted electricity supply is growing at a strong pace due to rising urbanization and industrialization. As companies are expanding their network domestically and


Carriers are optimistic about growth in volume and rates this year, despite rising fuel and equipment costs that are squeezing profitability, according to the latest Bloomberg

mts-isac oakland

According to the United States Coast Guard, there were over 500 major operational cyber-attacks that occurred in the marine industry in 2020, directly affecting the 25,000

shortage liberal forecast e-commerce brands x

Amazon has evolved over the decades. Once, it was simply an algorithm-using online book store. Now, it is a global omni-commerce juggernaut. Such success can be


Widespread congestion at ports and inland facilities has lead to increased opportunity for thieves during the period according to a new report.
BSI and TT Club have released its latest

disruption ichca sel

Every organization wants to avoid supply chain downtime, yet it’s rife throughout the industry. Delays and disruptions are all too common, but that doesn’t mean they’re


Mark-it Express Logistics LLC (“Mark-It”), a leading Midwest intermodal trucking and freight brokerage company, announced today that it has acquired the operating assets of Clean Car

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

Freight is piling up. Back in February 2022, the COVID-19 omicron variant was sidelining employees in all sectors. Air cargo shippers were no exception, and the


California gives $2.5 million to fund second phase of Electric Vehicle Blueprint
A multimillion-dollar California Energy Commission Grant will help the Port of Long Beach transition to


The Port of Antwerp-Bruges and CMB.TECH will soon welcome the first hydrogen-powered tugboat furthering the port’s transition towards sustainability.
The Hydrotug consists of two BeHydro V12 fuel medium speed engines that

made4net “largely making compromises between the way a warehouse wants to work and the way the system allows the warehouse to work,”

WMS manages reusable oil pipeline assets in 50-acre yard in West Texas to drive operational efficiency
Made4net, a global provider of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) & end-to-end supply chain


The airport cabin baggage scanner market has recorded a surging demand for cabinet-style X-ray machines over the recent years. The growth can be attributed to their


The Port of Seattle, City and Borough of Juneau, and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority together with leading global cruise lines will cooperate to initiate the world’s first cruise-led green


Best Practices to Avoid Reputational Harm due to ‘Greenwashing’ Claims
To minimize reputational harm, Rodriguez recommends companies to take the following steps:
 Prioritize transparency. It is beneficial to get


Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) (TSX:DSG), the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that Minnesota-based G&S Logistics is digitizing its freight brokerage operations


The bonanza that so many of the large logistics companies are experiencing seems to be continuing with the just-published first quarter 2022 results of both DP


The Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport has held a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction at the new International Multi-Purpose Logistics and Port Centre

fleet demand

Nearly two years on, the pandemic and its effects on the supply chain are still going strong. The ability to move cargo has never been this


Truck drivers and others seeking clearances to access the San Pedro Bay port complex can sign up for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, the Clean Truck