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  February 18th, 2019 | Written by

Kenco’s Jane Kennedy Greene Defines Exemplary Leadership

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When thinking of logistics leaders, some might not automatically think of the female representation and the impact on the logistics and supply chain sector as a whole. Global Trade  aims to recognize female leaders in the industry who continue making substantial impacts and change the way females in the industry are perceived. Jane Kennedy Greene is a great example.
Kenco’s 60+-year story starts with humble beginnings as a stand-alone warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Fast forward to today, and Kenco serves as a leader in third-party logistics. Jane Kennedy Greene, current chairwoman of the board, former CEO and daughter of co-founder, Jim Kennedy Jr., is no stranger to the success Kenco prides itself in. Following her appointment to CEO in 2012, the company was deemed the largest woman-owned 3PL in the U.S and received the Women’s Business Enterprise certification by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.
The company is known for its close family ties and dedication to heritage. In a blog titled “Making A Company A Family,” Kennedy Greene writes, “Being cognizant of how our associates are being taken care of was a weekly, if not a daily, concern of my father’s. This dedication to our associates has made us more than a company; I feel it has made us a family.”