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  December 29th, 2016 | Written by

Joining Forces in Supply Chain Risk Management

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  • New service to help international organizations manage their global supply chain risk exposure.
  • A deeper understanding of the risk landscape allows businesses to better respond to issues.
  • Real time view of supply chain enable companies to manage risk.

APL Logistics and Control Risks have joined forces to provide a new online and consulting service designed to help international organizations manage their global supply chain risk exposure. By providing companies with a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the risk landscape, businesses will be better able to make informed decisions and respond quickly to issues that could affect their operations, assets and profitability.

The collaboration brings together two of the sector’s major players, aligning their considerable expertise in supply chain risk assessment and wider geopolitical analysis. Control Risks has over 40 years’ experience as a global risk consultancy, providing strategic advice and practical support to organizations operating around the world. APL Logistics is a leading global logistics solutions provider offering logistics services to customers in the automotive, consumer, industrials and retail sectors.

The new service offers a map-based, holistic view of an organization’s supply chain risk exposure. It provides a visualization of the company’s asset information against major supply chain milestones to provide aggregated inventory details alongside potential supply chain disruptors, ranging from industrial disputes through to civil unrest, terrorist incidents and criminal activity. This real time view of their supply chain, along with intelligence on potential disruptors, will enable their customers to effectively manage their supply chain risk vulnerabilities.

“By combining our in-depth logistics expertise with Control Risks’ risk management experience, we are offering a compelling supply chain risk management solution to global businesses that operates with real-time analysis and insights,” said William Villalon, acting president of APL Logistics. “We are confident that customers can use it to make better informed decisions and, ultimately, to significantly enhance their ability to monitor and act on risks that could disrupt their supply chain.”

“A consequence of today’s interconnected globalized market place is that many businesses are operating with global supply chains,” added Richard Fenning CEO of Control Risks. “They are exposed to myriad risks which, if unforeseen, can cause major disruption to their business operations. Our collaboration with APL Logistics will enable businesses to anticipate, plan and respond to potential issues, and by doing so avoid details, discontinuity and additional costs.”