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  January 14th, 2016 | Written by

Jamaica Selects SOGET to Implement the Largest Port Community System in the Americas

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  • Port of Kingston will implement S)ONE, a next generation Port Community System developed by SOGET.
  • S)ONE PCS is an electronic collaborative platform enabling secure exchange of information.
  • S)ONE will provide supply chain transparency and fluidity to the port of Kingston.

The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) has contracted with SOGET, a developer of port community systems (PCS) to implement S)ONE PCS.

This project represents the largest PCS in the Americas covering eight seaports and airports. The implementation will reinforce Jamaica’s status as a major hub in the Caribbean, according to an announcement from SOGET. Jamaica thus becomes the eight country to opt for SOGET’s PCS know-how.

The Port of Kingston ranks seventh in the top 20 of Latin American and Caribbean ports with 1.63 Million TEU handled in 2014.

S)ONE is the next-generation PCS developed by SOGET to respond to the needs of global operators and to comply with new international regulations and standards. In Jamaica, S)ONE will provide optimization, collaboration, and automation of nationwide trade logistics processes through a single submission of data. S)ONE PCS is a neutral and open electronic collaborative platform enabling intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders in order to improve the competitive position of the sea and air port’s communities.

“SOGET’s S)ONE PCS implementation will be a game changer for Jamaica, bringing transparency and fluidity to the supply chain,” said Gordon Shirley, Chairman and CEO of PAJ. “It will enable Jamaica to increase its logistics performance and provide a strong value proposition to attract global operators. S)ONE PCS will be also a key pillar of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement implementation in Jamaica.”

“The contract with PAJ is also a major step forward for SOGET that strengthens our position in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Pascal Ollivier, Director of Corporate Development, SOGET. “The project is also very innovative since S)ONE PCS will be hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud providing state of the art secure and scalable environment.”

The Port of Kingston is the third largest container port in the Caribbean. Project implementation partners will include CEI.BA Guadeloupe, Microsoft, Caribbean Maritime Institute and ABSL.

SOGET, in business since 1983 and headquartered in Le Havre, France, has implemented more than 50 references PCS on four continents. In 2015 SOGET launched S)ONE, a single window managing trade logistics processes between public and private stakeholders.