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  November 9th, 2016 | Written by

Innovative Supply Chain Partnership to Achieve LTL Connectivity

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  • 10-4 Systems is aiming to eliminate the manual LTL processes.
  • Partnership to achieve LTL API connectivity.
  • Integrating project44 into 10-4 brings real-time LTL shipment data to current user interface.

10-4 Systems, a Boulder-based technology startup providing real-time visibility into supply chains, announced plans for a strategic partnership with project44, a Chicago-based technology company empowering industry-leading supply chain connectivity. By integrating project44’s one-to-many network of less-than-truckload (LTL) application programming interfaces (APIs) into 10-4’s Freight Portal, 10-4 customers will now have access to synchronous and real-time LTL shipment data directly within their current user interface.

With strong domain experience and best-in-class cloud application architects, both 10-4 and project44’s SaaS products have experienced dramatic growth and widespread market acceptance. This growth represents a new age of scalable transportation technologies intended to propel large-scale network connectivity.

“10-4’s mission from the start has been to leverage an easy-to-use interface to connect carriers, shippers, and brokers in real-time, with up-to-date, dynamic data,” said 10-4 CEO Travis Rhyan. “project44’s network is the most comprehensive API platform in the industry, and will enable us to deliver unprecedented levels of end-to-end visibility and flexibility to our fast-growing customer base.”

During their launch phase, project44 focused on reaching critical mass in the $37-billion LTL sector and captured API connections to 99 percent of the domestic market. Unlike the typical point-to-point integration models in freight transportation, this partnership provides 10-4’s customers immediate and complete access to that entire network of carriers for rating, transit time, dispatch, tracking and image retrieval transactions.

“Our goal is to enable a new level of real-time connectivity and proactive transportation management on a multimodal and global scale,” commented project44 President Tommy Barnes. “This partnership with 10-4 is a key part of that strategy, creating an even more extensive ecosystem of shared API connectivity.”

This integration of project44’s LTL API network into 10-4 Systems, Inc. is set for late 2016.

project44’s enterprise SaaS integration platform enables retailers, ecommerce, suppliers, 3PLs, and trucking companies to communicate data with the rest of their supply chains in a real-time manner. 10-4’s Freight Portal software and integration provides streamlined communication by giving companies end-to-end visibility of their inbound and outbound shipments.