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  March 13th, 2023 | Written by

Innovation Takes Center-Stage as the Electronics Sector Witnesses Proliferating Demand for Molded Pulp Packaging 

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In light of these trends, Global Market Insights Inc., states that the global molded pulp packaging market may to amass $7.3 billion in annual revenue by 2032. 

In an era defined by sustainability, the demand for renewable, clean, recyclable, and biodegradable products has increased across several sectors, most notably the packaging industry. In effect, plastic packaging, which has formed the crux of this sector for a remarkably long time, is now undergoing significant changes with respect to design, manufacturing, and deployment. To that end, the molded pulp packaging market is garnering increasing attention lately, mainly due to its environmentally friendly benefits.

Molded pulp has emerged as a strong sustainable packaging contender. This kind of packaging is designed with round corners and complex three-dimensional shapes for securely protecting the end products. It is produced from fibrous materials, comprising recycled paper, and cardboard among other natural fibers, and is recycled again following its useful life cycle. 

The rapid strides in the food industry are paving the way for sustainable packaging as companies strive to ensure the safe handling and distribution of processed and fresh food products through diverse supply chains. This has led to rising exploration and advancements in the molded pulp packaging market. Lately, the increased intake of eggs from chicken, duck, goose, and quail has pushed the volume of egg transportation, driving the need for egg-shaped curved structures. Consequently, molded pulp egg trays and cartons are gaining traction, driven by benefits such as better ventilation, freshness, preservation, and cushioning. 

The molded pulp packaging industry is extensively supported by the growing number of initiatives actively undertaken by several leading manufacturers to meet the growing industrial requirements. The product is made from paper-based mono-materials and is part of the firm’s swiftly expanding portfolio of Better Planet Packaging that renders sustainable alternatives to the present-day single-use plastic solutions.

Mold pulp clamshells to record significant packaging uses across multitude of industries

The collective inclination toward enclosed retail packaging containers is increasing the demand for molded pulp clamshells for packaging products, like eggs, electronics and appliances, and industrial parts. Clamshells not only offer a sturdy covering to encapsulate products, comprising beverage bottles and medical supplies & components, but also eliminate the need for extra assembly using tape and lids.

In a bid to effectively hold food items for both takeout and point-of-service uses, molded pulp packages are reinforced with the ability to resist water and oil penetration. Rapid advancements in the food service industry have thus led to a rise in the demand for pulp-based thermoformed clamshells, favoring the molded pulp packaging industry expansion.

Lately, OEM molded paper pulp clamshell is increasingly deployed for the packaging of tube jars. The rising number of research activities is also paving way for innovations in these packaging solutions. 

Electronics sector to emerge as a prominent revenue hub for the molded pulp packaging industry

Considering the increasing call for eco-protection, leading contenders in the electronics sector are placing their bets on sustainable packaging solutions made from natural resources like recycled paper, as a go-to option for the shipping of goods and fragile gadgets. Lately, compostable pulp has also surged in popularity to cater to more environmentally friendly packaging needs. 

Custom molded pulp packaging is not only robust but also prevents damages caused by static or dust abrasion, in turn becoming a strong contender for shipping electronics. These solutions are hence used for various fast-moving and consumer durable goods to offer protection and eliminate the chances of commodity breakage from storage to transportation. Pulp molded cushioning, owing to its good plasticity and buffering, is also witnessing soaring demand as edge protectors and pallets in handling and shipping applications for most electric appliances. 

Molded pulp packaging market – The Road Ahead

In the forthcoming years, molded paper pulp is likely to remain at the forefront of the packaging sector. The requirement for this product is increasing across varied segments, as innovative as nutrition pots and flower containers, given that it offers the benefit of self-degradation. Rising technological advancements and the influx of various painting techniques have made way for more sophisticated packaging that has smoother surfaces to impart stylish apparency. 

For instance, in October 2020, HP introduced a new 3D printing-related tooling technique for molded pulp for both molded fiber packaging manufacturers and their customers. As the need for visual appeal gains more importance than ever, several global consumer brands, like Apple and PUMA, are also expected to come up with distinctive and elegant retail packaging with molded pulp.