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  June 19th, 2017 | Written by

Infographic: Supply Chain Funding Index Decreased in 2016

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  • One-third of companies expect their supply chains to get worse.
  • Low SCFi indicates fragility of supply chains.
  • SCFi score got six percent weaker.

In partnership with URICA, YouGov, a market research firm, published the first edition of the Supply Chain Funding index (SCFi) in Autumn 2016 with analysis from eminent economist Dr John Ashcroft. The first report described a weak and underperforming supply chain rated at 6.6.

What did that tell us? That 34 percent of businesses taking part in the survey had experienced a broken supply chain in the previous twelve months. A third of businesses also forecast that the picture would get bleaker during the following six months.

Strikingly, this is business rating itself. This is business saying: “We’re working hard to grow; we’re confident we can grow; but the whole house of cards could collapse at any moment.”

Fast forwarding to Spring of 2017, YouGov published the second edition of the SCF index, with Dr John Ashcroft’s review. The findings were a real eye opener to the reality of a weakening supply chain. The following infographic summarizes his findings.