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  June 18th, 2018 | Written by

HighJump Joins Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity Freight-Matching Platform

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  • TMS gains real-time visibility to truck capacity, streamlined workflow for brokers.
  • Cloud-based software platform connects drivers, fleets, freight brokers and logistics providers.
  • Platform uses real-time data and powerful algorithms to predict when and where capacity becomes available.

Trucker Tools, LLC has announced that HighJump , a global provider of supply chain solutions, has integrated its Prophesy Dispatch transportation management (TMS)  with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity freight-matching application suite.

Smart Capacity is a next-generation, cloud-based software platform that connects drivers, fleets, freight brokers and logistics providers in a single, confidential network, with workflows and tools to accelerate the process of finding and securing truck capacity. The platform uses real-time data and powerful algorithms to predict when and where capacity becomes available, days in advance, for the customer’s network of carriers, and then optimally matches loads with carriers.

“Be it reverse logistics, same-day delivery, mobility or beyond, meeting the expectations of today’s consumers means tapping into the technologies of the automated and connected supply chain of the future,” said Kevin Pasternack, HighJump’s vice president of sales–transportation. “Our integration of Prophesy Dispatch with Smart Capacity exemplifies this, increasing the accuracy and timeliness of data while saving money for our customers. Automating the bulk of freight-matching and booking processes drives new efficiencies empowering transportation professionals to maintain a competitive edge.”

The Smart Capacity application creates a real-time, visual map of all available trucks, and all available loads in a selected geography. Through sophisticated algorithms and business rules, the software ranks and suggests to the broker the optimal match of truck to load. The broker need only to evaluate the options then click on a selection, and the load and truck are matched.  Once accepted by the driver, the system confirms for the broker.

Importantly, the visual map also presents to the broker not only what trucks are available today, but those that are projected to be available in 2, 3, 4 days or more into the future, which supports better planning and optimization of capacity resources. Lastly, broker data is maintained in a secure private network that protects data integrity and confidentiality.

The system communicates with drivers via the free Trucker Tools mobile driver app — which has been downloaded by more than 500,000 drivers — and uses the GPS functionality of their smart phones for real-time precise location data. The combination of the Trucker Tools mobile driver app and the Smart Capacity platform benefit both the broker and the carrier.  Drivers spend less time getting better loads more often. Brokers gain new tools, real-time, up-to-date, accurate information, and a faster process to find and secure available capacity.

“We’re pleased to welcome HighJump as an integrated partner with our Smart Capacity platform,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools.  “Together we’re enabling the broker community to benefit from advanced technology that saves them time, enhances their knowledge and skills and streamlines the freight-matching process, ultimately delivering a better service experience for the shipper.”

HighJump is the latest TMS software provider to complete a successful integration and go live with Trucker Tools Smart Capacity.  Other integrated TMS partners include McLeod Software’s PowerBroker, Mercury Gate International, Tailwind Transportation Software for brokers, and Strategy Live’s fleet management software.