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  July 2nd, 2024 | Written by

HERE Technologies Unveils Fleet Optimization Software to Revolutionize Logistics Management

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HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform, has launched its innovative Fleet Optimization software package, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and scalability of fleet management operations.

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Addressing the critical demands of the transportation and logistics industry, the HERE Fleet Optimization package leverages advanced location-based capabilities to improve delivery times and reduce operational costs. Utilizing HERE’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), the package solves complex routing challenges for commercial fleets.

The package includes a comprehensive set of location-based application programming interfaces (APIs). Key components and features include:

– HERE Tour Planning: Utilizes top-tier map content and complex routing scenarios that account for real-time and historical traffic, vehicle, and road restrictions. This tool eliminates the need for manual route re-planning, significantly boosting operational efficiency and reducing costs.

– HERE Routing: Offers optimized, safe, and precise navigation solutions tailored to truck, light commercial vehicle, and two-wheeler routing profiles.

– HERE Geocoding and Search: Enhances address accuracy and optimizes route planning with precise geocoordinates, ensuring fleet movements rely on the most accurate and current data.

– HERE Map Rendering: Provides up-to-date, detailed map data in raster and vector formats, including rich attributes specific to commercial vehicles such as road restrictions, bridge heights, and road topology. This feature ensures reliable commercial vehicle navigation and operational excellence worldwide.

The HERE Fleet Optimization package incorporates variables like vehicle profiles, driver availability, and delivery schedules to provide instantly optimized routes and more accurate estimated times of arrival (ETA). These capabilities can lead to a potential 20 percent reduction in fleet management costs, a 90 percent reduction in re-routing times, and a 20 percent increase in driver productivity.

The package offers a single, transparent pricing model for all components, allowing better cost control and flexible pricing. It is available for in-house software developers and integrated software vendors (ISV), with location-based APIs accessible directly in users’ environments. HERE provides the necessary toolsets, workspaces, and APIs for custom development.

Built to run natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the HERE Fleet Optimization package, including HERE Tour Planning and HERE Location Services (Geocoding, Search, Maps, Navigation, Routing, Fleet Telematics, and more), is also available on AWS Marketplace.

“The Fleet Optimization package is designed to streamline and enhance fleet management processes, helping customers manage their fleets more efficiently and at a reduced cost,” said Remco Timmer, Vice President of Product Management at HERE Technologies. “We are committed to providing mid-sized businesses focused on moving goods and services with solutions traditionally deployed by the largest companies.”