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  September 22nd, 2015 | Written by

H.D. Smith Transforms Supply Chain with FusionOps

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  • FusionOps is a cloud-based analytics platform that drives cost reduction, revenue growth, and service improvement.
  • H.D. Smith selected FusionOps to create efficiencies, improve decision-making, and enable higher quality service.
  • FusionOps serves as a data warehouse, analytical tool, and an application for decision-making.

H.D. Smith, the world’s largest independent pharmaceuticals distributor, selected FusionOps as its information platform to drive improved decision making across the company. FusionOps is a cloud-based analytics platform that transforms data into actionable information to drive cost reduction, revenue growth, and service level improvement.

The pharma distributor selected FusionOps because it identified an opportunity to create efficiencies, improve decision-making and enable higher quality service if it could deliver real-time and user relevant information to its internal and external stakeholders.

“There is not a product in the market today that matches what FusionOps allows us to do. It serves as a data warehouse, analytical tool, and an easy-to-use application for decision-making. Our only alternative would have been building something ourselves,” said David Guzman, CIO of H.D. Smith.  “When you consider FusionOps delivered in weeks what would take us years to develop if we wanted feature parity and domain-specific models, build was simply impractical.”

Like many large pharma companies, H.D. Smith’s operation is a complex web that involves managing 100,000 product SKUs and orchestrating an agile supply chain in a challenging market.  Servicing an external customer ecosystem of local independent drugstores, major hospitals and pharmaceutical innovators, requires delivering value that is relevant to each unique consumer.

FusionOps turns H.D. Smith data into strategic business information to help the company make better strategic decisions. First, it allows the company to integrate its disparate data sources into one centralized cloud-based source.  Second, it mines, analyzes and translates the raw data from these sources in real-time using data science to create information model sets and business metrics relevant to HD Smith operations.  Finally, it delivers information in an on-demand manner that is graphical and easy for any of its internal or external customers to act on immediately.

Information from the cloud-based analytical platform, is dynamic so internal business leaders can run specific calculations on the data in an instant giving them the critical insights to identify and remedy risk and discover opportunities that lead to improved margins, better inventory management, and improved service levels.

“As innovative companies like H.D. Smith recognize, there is an untapped wealth of information that you can unlock in your business operations, especially the supply chain,” said Gary Meyers, CEO of FusionOps. “Re-imagining the customer experience the way H.D. Smith has done with FusionOps improves their customer engagement and helps on a broader level to align operational efficiencies with the company mission:  to improve quality, safety and cost of patient care.”