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  November 14th, 2015 | Written by

Green America Launches Program to Drive Sustainable Supply Chains

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  • Initiatives underway for sustainable supply chains in the agriculture, electronics, and energy sectors.
  • Green America provides economic strategies and practical tools for businesses to solve environmental problems.
  • Green America is working with the electronics industry to move towards zero toxic chemical exposure.

Green America introduced yesterday its new Center for Sustainability Solutions to promote market-based innovations for sustainable supply chains in the energy, agriculture, labor and finance sectors.

The center brings together diverse groups of stakeholders in Innovation Networks to solve problems that no one company, investor or organization can tackle alone.

The center builds on Green America’s over 30-year record as a sustainability thought and action leader of large-scale economic and environmental change. Founded in 1982, Green America (formerly Co-op America) provides the economic strategies and practical tools for businesses and individuals to solve today’s social and environmental problems.

For example, the center is running a national working group to generate sustainable agriculture solutions and pilot projects in the northeast U.S. for the animal feed and dairy industry.

The center is in early stages of launching several new innovation networks to move big systems. These include a collaboration within the electronics industry to move towards zero toxic chemical exposure in the manufacturing process, electricity market models in the coming renewables-dominant energy system and transformative investment for sustainable agriculture.

“Green America is an indispensable partner in Ben & Jerry’s efforts to find whole system solutions to the task of rebuilding non-GMO supply chains in the U.S.,” said Andy Barker, social mission strategy and policy manager for Ben & Jerry’s. “Their unique skills and experience in working with multiple stakeholders has accelerated and deepened our ability to drive change inside and outside our company. We are excited to continue working with the Green America team as they launch the Center for Sustainability Solutions.”

“What they’re doing here is the first effort I’ve seen to really deal with the whole system,” said Errol Schweizer, executive global grocery coordinator at Whole Foods. “Everyone is so focused on their part of the supply chain, so no one can see the big systemic problems. The process we’re doing with the center is exactly what we need to create real change.”