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Air Cargo

Air Cargo accounts for a relatively small percentage of world trade when calculated by overall volume (approximately 10 percent). However, when the type or value of products being transported is taken into account (technology, business services, pharmaceuticals), its importance significantly increases, encompassing about 35 percent of world trade when calculated by value. If something needs to be where it’s going quickly, especially when the destination is international, air cargo plays an essential role in that supply chain.

High-speed delivery has become essential to our economy, as more companies opt to receive goods and bring them directly to market, thus avoiding costs associated with inventory, warehousing and logistics. Air cargo reduces a typical 30-day shipping time of ocean transport to less than 48 hours. When fruits, vegetables and flowers need to be sent from remote agricultural reasons to major cities around the world, companies rely on air cargo to deliver these products on time. That capability has also been a boon to economic development in the places where these perishable goods are produced.

The fashion industry, among others, has come to realize that its products are also perishable, and have increasingly come to rely on air cargo to get the latest products to consumer outlets.