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Whenever goods are transported, there’s an overwhelming chance they spent some time in the back of a truck, at least for part of their voyage. As the U.S. and world populations continue to grow, and as global economies become more consumer oriented, the demand for products of all kinds has grown, and so too has the demand for trucks, trucking freight services, and the infrastructures that support them.

Available trucking trasnportation services are many and varied, as are the number of carriers in business of transporting goods. Trucking contracts can be complex, involving multiple routes and rates, and including surcharges over and above the straight carriage rate. This can be a minefield for the uninitiated.

3PLs can help shippers navigate these perils. They can advise on the services and carriers that best suit their clients, put information technology to bear to optimize transportation processes, help negotiate the best deals, and place last-minute loads in the spot market.