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Women in Logistics: Lisa Aurichio

In a recent announcement from the Containerization & Intermodal Institute, Lisa Aurichio was confirmed as its new executive director, following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Barbara Yeninas, who had been in the position dating back to 1985. Aurichio takes the position in stride, aiming to balance maintaining relevance and impact rather than concerning herself with sometimes being the only woman in the room.
“My most significant challenge was that I simply felt ‘different’ by frequently being one of the only women in the room,” she confesses. “The fact that I often looked at things differently, thought differently and presented ideas differently had me second-guessing myself. Initially, I behaved in a reserved and cautious way, but I soon realized I was asked to the table because they valued what I could bring to the table.
“It quickly became obvious to me that the men and women in this industry judge you on your performance, not your gender. My goal is to deliver results, and I have learned that the best way to do that is to appreciate my value and be myself—and if I can do so while wearing a pretty dress, that’s even better.”
Long-term partnerships utilizing strategies that work continues to take precedence for BSYA. Aurichio stresses the importance of sticking with what works to create competitive advantage:
“In terms of differentiating BSYA, our plan is to stick with the plan that has driven the business for the last 44 years. For more than four decades, BSYA has served as the premiere marketing communications agency in the country focusing on the international trade and transportation industry. Our commitment to developing long-standing partnerships with our clients throughout the logistics community, including shipping lines, ports, terminals, rail, portals, trucking, equipment, technology, associations and more. This experience adds intangible value to our clients.”
When it comes to standing out in a male-dominated industry, Lisa leaves important advice for women in a working environment that tempts many to veer from their true selves:
“For women in this industry, I would recommend staying true to yourself even if you are tempted to morph into what you think your male counterparts expect you to be. This will create hesitation, impact risk-taking and negatively affect your confidence. I have learned this industry respects genuine confidence and values what you bring to the table regardless of your gender.  Spend your time being the best version of yourself rather than a different version of yourself.”

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