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Global Logistics – March/ April 2013 – ask Patrick

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3PLs-LeadCharted Territory

Thinking of opening a new market but don’t know its business landscape? Rely on an experienced 3PL that does.

Global trade has inspired businesses to expand their footprints into new markets—but they are discovering that opening new markets brings unforeseen challenges. Sufficient infrastructure must be in place to support sales, timely, high-quality order fulfillment and, when necessary, the processing of returns. Read More

Boutique-Ports-LeadBoutique Ports

The Big Reach of America’s Small Ports

The Port Corpus Christi is dwarfed by nearby Port of Houston, only 200 miles away. But its officials see the Houston port’s huge size and congestion in its favor as Corpus Christi expands and seeks to attract exporters beyond its core of crude oil products. Other small ports are undergoing similar expansions, trying to increase their range of exports in the process. Read More

20-Ports-LeadWhy Shippers Love These Ports

Twenty Picks and What They Offer Your Logistics Program

Despite a soft global economy, the idea popularized by Field of Dreams that “If you build it, they will come” seems appropriate for many of the world’s cargo ports, especially in the States where an increasing number are dredging and expanding capacity to accommodate more business and larger ships. Read More

Assembly Required Assorted parts of Toyota vehicles wait to be assembled at the automaker’s warehouse located in FTZ No. 25.The ABCs of FTZS

America’s Bustling Foreign Trade Zones

In 2010, the Stanley Works company closed on a $4.5 billion merger with the Black & Decker Corporation, spawning an international tool industry giant with annual churn of nearly $8.5 billion. Stanley Black & Decker inherited more than a century of business practices, including a South American export market with double-digit annual growth, Asian sourcing, U.S. manufacturing and Panamanian distribution. Read More