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  April 10th, 2024 | Written by

Fostering Resilience: U.S. Department of Commerce Commemorates Supply Chain Integrity Month

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Grant T. Harris, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Analysis, has released a statement marking the commencement of Supply Chain Integrity Month. In his statement, Harris emphasizes the critical importance of building resilient supply chains, particularly in the face of unprecedented challenges and disruptions.

Supply Chain Integrity Month serves as an opportunity for stakeholders across industries, policymakers, and the public to come together to reflect on the essential work being done to address supply chain challenges. Harris highlights tragedies like the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore as stark reminders of the necessity for preparedness and resilience in supply chains.

The statement underscores that supply chains impact various facets of daily life, from medicine to groceries to transportation, making proactive collaboration essential. Harris mentions the Department of Commerce’s Supply Chain Center, which is pioneering efforts to mitigate future disruptions by fostering collaboration across government agencies and beyond.

Throughout Supply Chain Integrity Month, the Department of Commerce aims to spotlight the initiatives undertaken by the Supply Chain Center and industry experts to fortify critical supply chains. The focus is on strengthening America’s economic competitiveness, supporting job growth, and bolstering communities.

The Department pledges to continue partnering with stakeholders from various sectors, including industry, academia, labor, and civil society, to address key supply chain concerns. These include enhancing data availability and quality, promoting information-sharing between public and private sectors, and implementing best practices to mitigate and respond to supply chain risks.

By fostering collaboration and innovation, the Department aims to build more secure and sustainable supply chains that not only benefit the economy but also enhance national security.