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  May 29th, 2024 | Written by

Emergency Food Assistance Approved for Houston Residents After Severe Weather

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Critical Aid for Texans Impacted by Storms

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has announced that the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) will activate the USDA’s Disaster Household Distribution (DHD) program to provide immediate food assistance to residents of seven counties affected by severe weather. This emergency measure will enable the Houston Food Bank to deliver crucial aid to those impacted by recent storms, flooding, extended power outages, and road closures. Over a million homes and businesses in the Houston area lost power, and more than 40 school districts were forced to close due to the severe conditions.

“Our hearts go out to the people of Houston during this difficult time,” said Commissioner Miller. “The approval of this emergency food distribution program will offer immediate relief to families affected by these devastating storms and floods. We are grateful to the USDA and the Houston Food Bank for their dedication to supporting our fellow Texans in need.”

Food Distribution Program Details

The DHD program will enable the Houston Food Bank to provide pre-packaged boxes of nutritious, shelf-stable food directly to households in the affected areas, ensuring timely and essential support. The Houston Food Bank will collaborate with local agencies and organizations to efficiently distribute the food boxes to those in need.

Commissioner Miller’s Commitment

“We are dedicated to supporting recovery efforts and helping Houston residents rebuild their lives,” Miller emphasized. “The Texas Department of Agriculture will continue to partner with local organizations to provide necessary resources and assistance to those affected.”

This emergency food distribution initiative aims to bring immediate relief to Houston residents and ensure that those impacted by the severe weather receive the support they need during this challenging period.