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  August 5th, 2021 | Written by

eCommerce Success: How to Boost Store Sales Ethically

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  • It should be equally convenient for buyers to choose, pay and receive goods by all available means and immediately.
  • Personalize your offers as much as possible with Big Data.

The surrounding reality dictates specific rules of the game. The world is changing, and very rapidly. Therefore, the ability to adapt to changes is a vital prerequisite for business development. In e-commerce, change happens very quickly. How to stay afloat in this business and achieve success ethically?

Register your business

First and foremost, if you want to be successful with your eCommerce business sales, you need to make sure that everything is okay regarding documents. The easiest way to do so is by registering your business online so you avoid all the paperwork and the hired company does these daunting tasks for you. No matter where you are in the world, you can seek help from Hong Kong company formation services to register your company in Hong Kong.

Plan ad campaigns

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a platform created for advertising marketing purposes as a tool for identifying the target audience. You get not just raw data on loyal customers’ discount cards but a full-fledged synchronization mechanism with the target audience. Using the entered card number, open letter, and other user actions in the network, you can track preferred purchases and generate data sets for conducting advertising campaigns for certain products.

Implement an omnichannel approach

It should be equally convenient for buyers to choose, pay and receive goods by all available means and immediately. You need to understand that omnichannel technologies are not created for the convenience of sellers but for the convenience of customers.

Today buyers choose, compare prices, closely study reviews and delivery conditions on the Internet, and only then go to the store to look, touch, and try on a thing. Or buy it for a promotion announced on the site. It often happens that sellers in stores find out about online promotions and sales from the customers themselves. The product declared on the site does not appear in a particular store, or its prices differ from the online offer.

The introduction of an omnichannel approach uses all possible means of communication with the buyer and greatly facilitates marketing research and sales tactics. For example, free Wi-Fi in a store will make life easier for customers and collect data on the movement of customers around the hall and optimize the display of goods.

Collaborating with a digital marketing agency

No doubt, we need well-functioning internal processes from the receipt of an order to its delivery to the buyer and receipt of money for the goods. You can build this process yourself or collaborate with professional companies such as Tactica, New Jersey SEO Company.

Working with reviews on social networks

Most shopping networking sites and online stores are integrated with social media. Even if one out of a thousand responses is helpful to improve service performance or fix deficiencies, it will pay off. To work in social networks, you need to develop special regulations with KPIs for feedback, response, and monitoring. Try to respond to user comments within 20 minutes.

The uniqueness of each client

Personalization of Big Data-based suggestions depends only on your ingenuity. You can greet the user by name on the site’s main page and in mailings or offer him products depending on geolocation and weather conditions. The main thing is to personalize a specific purchase as much as possible. For this, predictive analytics systems are already being created, which, based on user behavior (purchases, search queries, and surfing the web), determine what they may need in the foreseeable future. Alternatively, you can turn to an SEO consultant who can help you expand your online presence and increase your sales.

Channels of connection

Service automation is not only about having a contact center, where the client will be promptly answered not by a boring robot but by a friendly consultant, but also by many other channels. The call center should be integrated with social networks and messengers, and the voice communication between operators and customers should be made more informal. The operator’s on-call question at the beginning of the conversation, how he can help, rather irritates the client. After all, this is why he calls to help him. However, communication in online chatbots and answering machines, which receive requests from users around the clock, is irreplaceable. A full-fledged customer service based on CRM systems will allow you to automate processes as much as possible and competently respond to requests in a short time.


To ethically increase e-commerce sales, try to implement multichannel communications and modern sales resource management systems—leverage modern Data Management Platform (DMP) software platforms. Integrate retail networks and online stores with social networks. Personalize your offers as much as possible with Big Data. And, of course, automate CRM-based customer service using chatbots, social networks, and instant messengers.