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  August 18th, 2016 | Written by

E-Freight Solutions Distributes Rates in CargoSphere Cloud

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  • Distributing freight rates over cloud-based system.
  • Distributing freight rates in CargoSphere is a simple, fast process.
  • Benefiting from the magic of Rate Mesh.

E-Freight Solutions has implemented CargoSphere’s Rate Mesh technology to distribute confidential Asia-U.S. import freight rates to its customer Mallory Alexander, a global logistics provider and strategic Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL) alliance partner.

Confidential E-Freight Solutions rates are now available to all their customers in the Rate Mesh.

CargoSphere is a provider of a cloud-based rate technology platform for global freight rate management.

“As a CargoSphere customer, we’ve systematized rate management,” said Bob Connor, vice president for global transportation at Mallory Alexander. “We prefer to have E-Freight Solutions distribute rates directly into our system in CargoSphere’s Rate Mesh. Our recent alliance with ODFL, a premier LTL carrier, is clearly supported by our state-of-the art technology which strengthens the global ocean forwarding services we deliver to ODFL clients. We are pleased to have CargoSphere in our technology toolbox to assist us with business expansion.”

“Our goal is to be a flexible partner that works closely with our customers to meet their needs,” said Danny Tam, managing director at E-Freight Solutions. “Distributing freight rates in the CargoSphere Rate Mesh is a simple, fast process that allows us to reach all of Mallory Alexander’s U.S. offices on one platform. Our rates are current and accessible in real-time.”

“We’re extremely pleased E-Freight Solutions is achieving frictionless rate distribution and is benefiting from the magic of the Rate Mesh to further enhance their business partnership with Mallory Alexander,” said Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere.