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  May 23rd, 2016 | Written by

Dubai, Florida County Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

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  • Florida ranks third among U.S. States exporting to the UAE.
  • Florida's exports to the UAD include cars and trucks, aircraft parts, gold, and computers.
  • Emirates Airlines introduced nonstop daily flights to Orlando in late 2015.

The Dubai Investment Development Agency (FDI) and Orange County, Florida, are actively exploring economic cooperation, to include trade, investments, and tourism.

The Dubai FDI, an agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, hosted Teresa Jacobs, mayor of Orange County, Florida, during her recent visit to the UAE.

The mayor had hosted a luncheon for the recent Dubai government mission to Orlando, which included representatives of Dubai FDI and Dubai Exports, the export promotion agency of DED.

Mayor Jacobs and Barbara Leaf, the U.S. ambassador to the UAE, held informal discussions with Fahad Al Gergawi, CEO of Dubai FDI, and Engineer Saed Al Awadi, CEO of Dubai Exports, on building on the positive outcomes of the Dubai Government Mission to Orlando.

Florida ranks third among U.S. States exporting to the UAE, which exports include cars and trucks, aircraft parts, gold, and computers. Exports to the UAE is reported to have supported 17,598 jobs in Florida and in 2015.

With Emirates Airlines introducing nonstop daily flights to Orlando in late 2015, the Sunshine State also plans to attract potential real estate buyers and investors from the UAE.

A staunch advocate of innovation-driven economy and sustainability, Mayor Jacobs has made it her priority to promote Orange County’s reputation in global tourism, high tech, digital media and medical research as well as its quality of life and leisure. Home to leading firms in manufacturing and regional distribution, Orlando is known as the third most competitive business location in the U.S. and the city attracts 62 million visitors annually.

“We acknowledge the support extended by Mayor Jacob’s Office and the Central Florida International Trade Office to our recent mission to Orlando,” said Al Gergawi. “We look forward to building on this new relationship in the form of bilateral memoranda of understanding. Dubai and Florida have vast areas of common interest, particularly as competitive hubs of business, tourism, logistics, technology, and knowledge-driven economic activities, and also as preferred places to live.”

Al Gergawi noted that trade relations between the UAE and the US have continued to flourish, especially in critical economic sectors. “For both sides it’s the right time to seize the moment and take our engagement to a new level where businesses can successfully pursue new market opportunities and new jobs can be created for citizens,” he added.