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  July 13th, 2016 | Written by

Dropoff Introduces Intelligent Dispatch to Scale Same-Day Delivery Logistics

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  • Businesses’ same-day delivery requests can include a massive amount of variables.
  • Supply chain coordination in logistics is a challenge with factors like routes, package size, and delivery times.
  • Dropoff's initial technology tripled dispatch capacity overnight.

Dropoff, a courier service that aims to become the first national brand for same-day delivery, has updated to its back-end infrastructure to change the way it manages its rapidly growing fleet. The technology, called Intelligent Dispatch, marks a step forward in managing the complexity of real-time, same-day delivery requests, 24/7, across a variety of industry needs.

Businesses’ same-day delivery requests can include a massive amount of variables ranging from requested delivery time and location, package dimensions and temperature controls to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA.

Intelligent Dispatch is a fast and scalable dispatch system that will operate 24/7/365 to automatically and consistently respond to delivery requests within seconds. The technology features artificial intelligence-like decision-making capabilities that take into account real-time traffic conditions, geospatial information, order timeliness, and current agent capacity.

“Supply chain coordination in the logistics industry is a challenge with factors like routes, package size, and delivery times affecting the flow,” said Sean Spector, CEO of Dropoff. “We have those challenges in addition to the real-time nature of our business. We saw an opportunity to create unprecedented software to help us better manage and scale this complex challenge. Intelligent Dispatch was the result of extensive research and testing to create a platform that could handle the many demands of same-day scheduling and delivery as our company continues to scale and grow.”

Traditional courier operations are often manual with everything from pickup to delivery confirmations coordinated over the phone or via fax and with dispatch teams manually routing orders to drivers. Dropoff challenges the traditional courier service by automating these operations and bringing them online, helping their clients get items to their partners, patients and customers faster. Dropoff’s initial technology tripled dispatch capacity overnight, and added features such as online and mobile ordering, real-time package tracking, email confirmations, and signature verifications. With Intelligent DispatchDropoff brings the next level of scale by automating dispatch. It will give Dropoff near-infinite scale to customize and manage huge volumes of delivery requests as it expands across the country.

Dropoff’s infrastructure investment comes at a time when businesses are struggling to meet the expectations of customers who want brands to respond to their needs faster than ever. In a recent study, Dropoff discovered a gap between what customers experience for shipping times and what they want. While most commonly experience two-day delivery, 43 percent said they desired to receive items the same day. Further highlighting the urgency for businesses of all types to deliver items faster, 54 percent of customers said they have abandoned a purchase due to slow delivery time.

Intelligent Dispatch will be rolled out in phases to Dropoff’s fleet throughout the year.

Dropoff works with leading brands across many sectors relying on same-day delivery to get items into the hands of their customers quickly and professionally, including Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Neiman Marcus, Zazzle, Amerita Infusion Service, JW Marriott, and Cushman & Wakefield.