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  May 2nd, 2023 | Written by

Digitalization Helps to Simplify Daily Tasks for Truck Drivers

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There is no doubt that truck drivers have tough tasks in road transportation. Not just driving, but the drivers are also responsible for loading, unloading products, securing cargo, and checking their status, filling all necessary documents. But the profession is not what it used to be many years ago. Today, there are plenty of opportunities and innovative solutions that alleviate a driver’s workload. State-of-the-art trucks, with the latest technological solutions, cameras, and automatic systems as well as increased safety and comfort features, all those things allow drivers to focus on the road and complete deliveries on time.

To overcome the problems of drivers, Girteka’s fleet is now using a simple tablet with all features. A solution known as telematics collects information of driving performance, the status of trailer and cargo, fuel consumption, localization etc., and can also be used in terms of communication with transport managers or company departments, responsible for information flow, document preparation or even accounting.

The digitalization of services and processes inside the company is a great benefit for the driver. Through an easy-to-use tablet and dedicated system, the driver can keep track of his activities, communicate with the transport manager, plan future routes, navigate, generate documents, and analyse his driving performance. It offers drivers a simple, easy-to-use list of activities, including pre-departure inspections, permission purchases, instruction reports, trailer information, and reporting problems.

With tablet computers installed in trucks, transportation managers can provide all the information drivers need, from the route of the next shipment to instructions, changes, or just tips. And as some of them can be triggered by the data or a certain situation, instant support is provided.

Furthermore, the solution provides all necessary and required information regarding drivers’ working hours and rest times according to the latest Mobility Package regulations. In this way, drivers are always up-to-date and able to check their status, work, and rest hours, and plan their schedules accordingly. This information is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to prevent errors and ensure the best conditions for drivers.

The above digital solution will not require any paper documents. Ordering logistics services, establishing routes, trucks, and trailers, coordinating with drivers, setting up loading and unloading times, providing confirmation documents at every stage, and invoicing are still quite complicated processes.

Freight forwarders such as DHL and Sennder have also implemented new techniques to enhance truck driver experiences. In February 2023, DHL Supply Chain, part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, launched DHL Driver Self Service, a digital offering that reduces the time it takes for truck drivers to check in and out of facilities, driving greater operational efficiency and an improved driver experience. DHL Driver Self Service fully automates the load check-in/check-out process. In select facilities, DHL and non-DHL drivers can scan QR codes to complete necessary paperwork using their mobile phones or tablets when passing the entry gate.

Similarly, sennder introduced a driver app to centralise communication between sennder, the carrier, and the driver all in one place. The driver app saves time and speeds up payments. Its advantages include easier GPS integration, it makes coordination easy, keep drivers up to date, no more check-in calls, automated arrival and departure times and get paid faster.

Furthermore, LKW Walter launched TruckerPoints, a driver bonus program in its LOADS TODAY app. Activities such as uploading documents and activating GPS are rewarded with TruckerPOints. Points can be redeemed for vouchers from LKW Walter’s partners, including Amazon and Allegro.

In a climate with increasing competition between carriers and challenges to recruit and retain drivers, investments in technology solutions that make the trucking job easier will continue to offer a competitive advantage for carriers and boost productivity and drivers’ efficiency.