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  March 6th, 2017 | Written by

Delta Cargo Launches Same-Day Shipments

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  • DASH Critical & Medical is the first GPS-enabled, same-day product offered by a US freight carrier.
  • DASH Critical & Medical shippers can ship items up until 45 minutes prior to flight departure.
  • DASH Critical & Medical is available from ten locations in the US to 89 mainland destinations and Hawaii.

Delta Cargo has introduced DASH Critical & Medical, the first fully GPS-enabled, same-day product offered by a US freight carrier. The new service provides real-time tracking and monitoring of any eligible shipment, and customers can ship items up until 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.

DASH Critical & Medical is now available from ten locations–including Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York-La Guardia, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, Rochester and Seattle–with service to 89 mainland US destinations and Hawaii.

“We’ve tailored and developed this product around our customer needs with the highest boarding priority of any Delta Cargo product, and the fastest transit times in the logistics industry,” said Gareth Joyce, Delta Senior Vice President and Delta Cargo President.  “Through our soft launch at the end of 2016 customers made it clear that our eyes-on approach to these shipments gave them great confidence and the fact that the products such as legal documents or organ transplants got to their destination quicker than if taking the product themselves. We are working to expand the program across our domestic and international network as well as make enhancements.”

DASH Critical & Medical shipments have clearly visible, unique pink packaging and include GPS tracking that is proactively monitored by a dedicated team throughout the journey. This helps to ensure that important shipments are in the right place at the right time throughout the shipping process.

Delta’s DASH Critical & Medical offers premium domestic service for time-sensitive, small packages such as medical commodities, legal documents, essential machinery parts, and aircraft on the ground  components. FAA Lifeguard/Medevac-designated shipments must ride as DASH Critical & Medical.

If delivery is impacted by irregular operations, such as limited flying due to bad weather, the monitoring team will proactively contact local airports to help coordinate the export, transfer, and import of all DASH Critical & Medical shipments. DASH Critical & Medical is available for anyone shipping items less than 16 ounces. Shipments up to 100 pounds per piece from companies with TSA Known Shipper status can also be accepted as DASH Critical & Medical.