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  February 12th, 2019 | Written by

Dachser Logistics Urges Proactive Preparations for Brazilian Holiday

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Leading global logistics provider, Dachser, released information this week for industry players on how to prepare for Carnival – known as the Brazil’s lengthiest and most important holiday.
In addition to the vast importance the holiday holds, many businesses are known to pause operations for the celebration, which is known to last as long as 10 days for some regions in the country. Businesses such as airports, ports, roads, tolls and hotels are all part of the list that are directly impacted by the holiday.

“Businesses should plan their logistics strategy well in advance of the holiday. We review the critical steps with our colleagues at Dachser Brazil in detail to make sure our customers’ supply chains continue to run without major interruptions,” explains Vincent Touya, Managing Director Dachser USA.
Of the most important actions to take into consideration, Dachser released the list below in an effort to help other businesses with preparations. Primary themes include communication and proactivity.
For example, creating an inventory well stocked throughout the duration of the holiday and booking shipments sooner than later. Dachser also stresses the importance of looping in logistics providers of priority shipments to ensure space is available. Taking these steps ensure your supply chain goes uninterrupted.
Source: BSY Associates