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  December 21st, 2015 | Written by

Christmas Came Early to UK Retailers

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  • DB Schenker Rail UK colleagues across Britain started coordinating deliveries on intermodal services in August.
  • 3PL representatives booked containers full of Christmas goodies onto intermodal services since the summer.
  • DB Schenker exec: “We understand how challenging Santa’s logistical operations can be.”

DB Schenker Rail UK has been busy making sure that festive products reached shop shelves in time for Christmas, with its intermodal services from the Ports of London Gateway, Southampton, and Felixstowe.

To help Santa deliver goodies across the UK, DB Schenker Rail UK transports containers full of seasonal products by rail to major cities in the Midlands, North of England, and Scotland.

Products delivered by DB Schenker Rail UK include clothing, footwear, Christmas decorations, toys, seasonal food, electrical goods and artificial Christmas trees.

Planning for the festive season started early. DB Schenker Rail UK colleagues across Britain started cordinating deliveries on high speed intermodal services back in August.

The company’s customer service representatives have been booking containers, full of Christmas goodies, onto DB Schenker’s Southampton to Burton service since the summer.

Meanwhile rail and sea shipment coordinators and customer service representatives offered their services to Santa by moving stock for retailers into the Midlands, the North West, and Yorkshire on DB Schenker Rail UK’s Southampton to Bift, Southampton to Trafford Park and Felixstowe to Wakefield container services.

“We understand how challenging Santa’s logistical operations can be and we are glad to offer our assistance through our intermodal services,” said David Cross, head of intermodal. “Our rail freight operations are an integral part of the Christmas season as many of the goods found under the tree and on the table with the turkey were delivered by our trains. “Rail is also recognized as a more environmentally friendly form of transport than road, making it a great option for our customers’ Christmas deliveries.”