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  April 4th, 2024 | Written by

China Firmly Rejects US Accusations of Trade Barriers, Calls for Compliance with WTO Rules

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China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) issued a strong rebuttal on Tuesday against the US’ National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, vehemently rejecting its classification of China as a country of “primary concern.” The ministry urged the US to adhere fully to WTO rules instead of levying unsubstantiated accusations against other nations.

MOFCOM emphasized that the assessment of countries’ trade policies should be based on whether they violate WTO regulations, noting the absence of any evidence in the US report to support claims of Chinese non-compliance. The report’s arbitrary allegations regarding China’s purported “non-market policies and practices,” as well as barriers in agricultural products and data policies, were strongly opposed by China.

Since joining the WTO, China, as the largest developing nation globally, has consistently upheld the multilateral trading system while expanding its high-quality opening-up efforts. It has continuously refined its socialist market economy system and legal framework, emphasizing the pivotal role of the market in resource allocation. These efforts have garnered widespread recognition and appreciation from the international community, according to MOFCOM.

In contrast, the US has pursued an “America first” strategy, disregarding multilateral trade norms by unilaterally imposing tariffs, formulating discriminatory industrial policies, and imposing export controls and investment restrictions under the guise of national security. These actions have raised concerns among WTO members, including China, about fair competition, MOFCOM stressed.

China urged the US to cease its baseless criticism of other nations, abide by WTO regulations, and uphold a just and equitable international trade order, MOFCOM stated.

The annual report released by the US Trade Representative’s office on Monday alleged that China has erected trade barriers related to food safety requirements, advanced manufacturing industrial policies, and data regulations.