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  January 25th, 2017 | Written by

CargoSphere Announces eSUDS

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  • Cloud-based Rate Mesh connects parties, automatically shares rate updates in real-time.
  • eSUDS allows ocean carriers to systematize the process of distributing freight rates to customers.
  • Automating ocean rate process will provide time and cost savings and the ease of business.

CargoSphere, the single rate platform for frictionless rate distribution, networking and cloud-based freight rate management, announced an industry-first: eSUDS (electronic Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution).

eSUDS allows ocean carriers, through an automated, digital framework, to systematize the process of distributing freight rates to customers online in real-time.

With eSUDS, CargoSphere has created a 100 percent digital infrastructure, a single platform, for ocean rate and tariff distribution. It serves all parties involved with global, containerized transportation: carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, NVOs, and logistics service providers. This confidential, collaborative process immediately provides customers with visibility to new or amended rates thus delivering a more efficient and timely process for this traditionally complex, time consuming and costly aspect of ocean shipping.

CargoSphere’s Rate Mesh network offers shipping partners immediate, confidential rate collaboration to simplify rate communication and provide a faster, more effective way to receive and distribute ocean freight rates. Ocean carriers and co-loaders push current, complete bottom-line rates to customer systems via the Rate Mesh to significantly reduce processing times for all.

Systematized contract and rate management provides the CargoSphere user community with accurate, timely freight rates for rate sharing, easy searches, rate comparisons and quoting, as well as the ability to self-publish FMC tariffs.

“We’ve created an original, digital rate infrastructure to advance the global containerized shipping industry for long-term success,” said Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere. “By fully automating this process the industry will achieve significant time and cost savings and the ease of business desired by all industry participants. eSUDS accelerates the conversion of ocean freight rates to a fully digital environment and provides a simple, standardized process. We believe eSUDS is a huge leap forward in positioning CargoSphere as the single rate platform for all.”

During these competitive times, CargoSphere offers business-enabling solutions that significantly improve productivity and business results. Users benefit from faster access to current and accurate rate data, greater processing efficiency and the ease associated with a systematized database that is their single source of truth.