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  September 15th, 2022 | Written by

Bolloré Logistics USA Launches Its First Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Truck

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 Bolloré Logistics USA has launched its first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) truck at its Coppell, Texas,  facility in July 2022 to strengthen its “sustainable logistics” initiative. Two more RNG trucks were  received in August and the fourth one is expected early 2023. The three trucks received in 2022 will  cover approximately 500,000 miles per year across Texas, saving 10 tons of CO2 per year compared  to diesel trucks. 

The company partnered with Jetco, a Gulf Coast-based company owned by The GTI Group and U.S.  EPA SmartWay member with strong environmental and social commitments. Jetco notably invested in  four Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks from the Freightliner brand to be operated in conjunction  with Bolloré Logistics in Texas. 

A CNG truck reduces “Well-to-Wheel” (WTW) greenhouse gas emissions from 5% to 16% according to  various studies. However, Bolloré Logistics is going one significant step further, ensuring that the fueling  will come from RNG sources.  

RNG is made from organic waste, coming mainly from livestock manure and landfills. The methane  released by these two activities is captured, cleaned and transformed into fuel. Because it keeps  methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than CO2, from going into the atmosphere, the use of  this fuel drastically reduces carbon emissions. In addition, gas presents way lower NOx and Particulate  Matter emissions than the diesel truck used today, thus contributing to reduced urban air pollution. 

Through its CSR Program “Powering Sustainable Logistics”, Bolloré Logistics aims at providing  sustainable supply chain solutions for its customers and committed to cut its scope 3 CO2 emissions generated by the execution of transport by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019.  

About Bolloré Logistics USA 

Bolloré Logistics USA was established in April 1969. The company is present in 17 cities across the  US with the national headquarters located in New York. Our US organization offers complete end to  end supply chain solutions to our clients including air & ocean freight, project cargo, ground & cross  border, customs brokerage, regional and local distribution centers and e-commerce. Bolloré Logistics  USA is a company of over 500 experts with strong value-added skills in specific vertical markets such  as aerospace, healthcare, cosmetics & perfumes, flavors & fragrances, fashion & retail, chemicals,  energy, automotive, military & defense, aid & relief.