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  April 21st, 2023 | Written by

The Innovative Company Revolutionizing Packaging for Businesses

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In the shipping world, maximizing space is paramount. Companies are constantly seeking ways to minimize costs thereby maximizing returns. This plays out not only with the cost of the product being shipped but also the storage cost once it arrives at its destination.

Traditional corrugated boxes have been on the market for decades. They’ve gotten sturdier over time, but oddly enough the sizes remain universally constant. Say you have a product that measures 300mm x 210mm x 180mm. A standard medium-sized box is 305mm x 215mm x 165mm. This box is clearly too small for this product, but the next box up is 305mm x 215mm x 225mm. Your product is too large for the first box but leaves quite a bit of room in the second box. As a client, you’re subsequently forced to pay for roughly 45mm more space than you need, and millimeters over multiple boxes and shipments aren’t cheap.

Best Box It (BBI) is an Italian-based packaging machine manufacturer with an obsessive concern for millimeters. The company’s modular systems are tailored to your specific needs, churning out ultra-customized boxes for absolutely any product. With the BBI system, you select the corrugated input and measurements, the motor that fits your needs (BBI 500 = 500 boxes per hour; BBI 1,000 = 1,000 boxes per hour) and you have successfully optimized space and decreased shipping and storage expenses with an in-house solution.

The Global Trade Magazine team witnessed this first-hand at the latest ProMat trade show in Chicago. Our pop-up boxes were thrown away by accident and BBI arrived to the rescue, whipping us up a custom-designed box in under a minute!

Standard, truck, or container box shipping is roughly 40% product and 60% air. With BBI, the amount of air in the truck decreases to just 20% making room for 40% more products. Multiply that over multiple boxes, trucks, and containers and the savings is considerable. But perhaps BBI’s best feature is the modularity of their systems. You need 600 boxes a day? Go for the basic starter configuration with manual erection and filling. Did you have an increase in demand (congratulations!) and now need to send 15000 boxes a day? No problem, upgrade your existing system by adding robotic erection and automatic filling. In short, BBI modularity means that you not only get custom-made boxes but also a custom-made packaging solution. 

Less air, smarter millimeters, and a packaging system adapted to your warehouse logistics. That’s the BBI promise!~

To see Best Box in action, click here