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Medical equipment and technology company NIXCOVID is proud to announce their partnership with leading global freight forwarder WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS, as their official partner for global shipping.  

“Wen-Parker Logistics is very excited to enter into this partnership with NIXCOVID to continue on our company’s missions of bringing critically-needed supplies to those affected by this global pandemic,” said Brady Borycki, Executive Vice-President, Global  Business Development at Wen-Parker Logistics. 

The Elmont, New York-based Wen-Parker Logistics, a leader in wearing apparel transport since 1997, in 2020 delivered over 1 Billion pieces of PPE on chartered flights from Vietnam to the United States through several US gateways. 

Ms. Kathryn Bonesteel, co-founder of NIXCOVID and Nixie Technologies Inc., states that, “Wen-Parker has been a strategic ally since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. When many of the world’s largest freight forwarders could not meet the incredible surge  in demand, Wen-Parker Logistics was able to deliver cost-efficient and optimal solutions for our ever-changing supply chain needs.” 

This newly-minted partnership just completed two shipments involving over 2.5 million examination grade nitrile gloves that will go to Illinois and 100 million gloves that will arrive weekly over the next 6 months.  

“Our collective team has delivered hundreds of millions of pieces of essential products working together directly for governments, hospitals, publicly-traded corporations and other essential frontline workforces. We are proud to formalize our longtime partnership and continued efforts to supply the world with products to keep people safe,” continued  Bonesteel. 

Mr. Blake Sherwood, Strategic Partner and Director of Supply Chain Logistics at  NIXCOVID and Nixie Technologies Inc. shares this sentiment, “Through this strategic partnership, we have a strong and secure distribution of all products, including PPE, in the U.S. and around the world. After having gained significant insight and expertise transacting PPE, I’ve been extremely impressed with Wen-Parker and their global capabilities.”  



NIXCOVID is a global supply and technology company, founded by Kathryn Bonesteel  and Jeff Wood to help nix the COVID-19 pandemic. The company, and its parent  company, Nixie Technologies Inc, are internationally known for their significant impact  to supply and donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline workers.  NIXCOVID operates globally with factory and strategic partnerships in over 20  countries. To learn more about NIXCOVID, visit 

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Wen-Parker Logistics currently services more than 80 countries across six continents  and has been recognized as a Great Supply Chain Partner for five consecutive years by Supply Chain Brain Magazine and was named a Top 100 3PL by Inbound Logistics  magazine in 2020. To learn more about WPL call 888.978.7817 or visit www.wen

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